Undergraduate Application

Reference the descriptions below to determine which application you will need. From there, you may read tips for each application type or apply. If you’re still not sure about which application type you need, use Ask Kent State.


If you have not attended any college, university, technical or proprietary school after graduation from high school, select this option. Students who have taken college coursework while in high school should also apply here as a freshman. 

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If you were enrolled in a college, university, technical or proprietary school after graduation from high school, this is where you belong.

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Choose this option if you have received a baccalaureate degree from a college or university, yet wish to take additional undergraduate courses. There are two types of post-undergraduate applicants:

  • Post-undergraduate degree-seeking applicants – individuals interested in seeking an additional bachelor’s degree.
  • Post-undergraduate non–degree-seeking applicants – individuals just interested in taking additional undergraduate coursework.

Please Note: If you are a former Kent State University student who has not attended any other college or university since your prior enrollment, you do not need to reapply. Contact the Registrar’s Office, 330–672–3131 or visit the Admissions homepage of the Regional Campus you plan to attend.

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Post-secondary Enrollment Option (PSEOP)

Applications from  high school students (ninth through 12th grade) who qualify to take college-level classes will be reviewed on an individual basis.


Select this option if you would like to take a limited number of undergraduate courses for credit. In order to apply as a guest, students must have graduated from high school, obtained a GED certificate or the equivalent, or be currently enrolled at another institution. Guest students can only enroll for up to 18 semester hours. Students cannot earn a degree as a guest student, nor can they apply for financial aid through Kent State. If you are taking courses at another institution, please consult with that financial aid office.
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Online Degrees

Select this option if you would like to take classes for your degree completely online. Degrees are available in the following majors:

  • Allied Health Management Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Environment Management
  • Insurance Studies
  • Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Technical and Applied Studies