Post-undergraduate Students

A Post-undergraduate student has already earned a bachelor’s degree and wants to take additional undergraduate coursework at Kent State. If you received your bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and have not attended any other institution since leaving Kent State, you do not need to apply for admission; you can simply contact the Registrar’s Office for current enrollment/registration information.

To apply for admission, a Post-undergraduate Student must submit:

Post-undergraduate Students Seeking an Additional Degree

If you intend to complete another undergraduate degree at Kent State, you will need to forward transcripts from all college and universities attended to the Admissions Office. A $45 application fee is required. The application fee is waived for Kent State graduates.

Post-undergraduate Students Not Seeking an Additional Degree

If you do not intend to complete another undergraduate degree, you will need to submit your transcript from the college or university from which you obtained your bachelor’s degree.