Who are the Study Skills Tutors?

Study skills tutors are high achieving and successful students who act as peer mentors and aid in engaging students in the college learning process by helping students to develop and utilize useful skills that will aid in success during their college career. Many of these skills foster life-long competencies that can continue to aid students during their professional career and personal life. Study skills tutors are trained to help students in the following areas:

  • Semester Planning
  • Time Management
  • Study Aids
  • Active Learning Strategies
  • Note Taking
  • Test Preparation
  • Test Taking
  • Study Cycle

Please Note:
Students seeking study skills tutoring should also realize that attending tutoring does not automatically achieve a desired grade in a class. Study skills tutors will provide useful information to help students succeed, but students must then take that information and act on it to ensure their personal academic success.

How Do I Register?

To register for study skills tutoring, please complete and submit an Intake Form (PDF).


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Need More Information?

For more information about study skills tutoring, please contact studyskills@kent.edu.