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Current Undergraduate Students

The resources listed below are designed to help plan your college coursework along with regular scheduled meetings with your Biological Sciences advisor and College of Arts and Sciences advisor.

Schedule Planning:

Suggested Sequence of Coursework/Roadmaps (4 year plans by major)

Typical Fall and Spring Course Offerings [pdf]


Tips and Advice:

Advice for new undergraduate students


Declare your major and visit an advisor in the Department of Biological Sciences to discuss your major, career plans, etc .

Undergraduate Academic Advisors in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Do not delay taking introductory courses (BSCI 10110, 10120) Take these courses early along with General Chemistry I and II with labs (CHEM 10060, 10061, 10062, and 10063). Taking these beginning courses too late in your undergraduate program could delay your graduation.

Interested in Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Vet-Med, Dentistry?

Transfer Students: Do you want credit for courses taken at another college or university? Some courses may be transferred automatically. If not, The College of Arts and Sciences will provide the form "Application of Transfer Credit Form". Complete and bring this form to the Department Office (room 256) for approval by the Undergraduate Coordinator. Bring along a copy of your KSU transfer credit evaluation and original course descriptions and syllabi if available


For all Majors



To graduate, you must have a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA (all courses) AND you must have at least a 2.00 GPA average for Major (& Minor) courses. See your advisor if you are getting grades of C or less in majors/BSCI courses. Did you get a D, F or U in any university course as freshman (first 30 hours)? Freshman forgiveness.

Plan ahead for scheduling -- find out when BSCI courses are offered.

Click on the following: BSCI COURSE OFFERINGS by Fall/Spring Semester


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can't register for a course because the course or lab section is full? Visit or call the Department office (256 Cunningham, 330 672-3613) and get your name on a waiting list. You will be notified if a new section opens up. Students not on the waiting list will not be given permission to enroll.

Need to make a course substitution for a required course?
Pick up a course substitution form in the College of Arts and Sciences office (105 Bowman Hall). Obtain your advisors approval and bring the form to the Department Office (room 256) for approval by the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Can't register for a course because you do not have the prerequisites?
In most cases you should not take the course. However, if there are good reasons for taking the course and you have obtained the necessary background material in other ways, you may petition to take the course. You must get permission from the course instructor. Obtain "Permission to Enroll in Class Form" from Department Office (room 256) or print a form here by clicking here. Have the form signed by the instructor. You will sign it and indicate that you understand that the course may contain material for which you are not fully prepared and because of this you must assume responsibility for the material covered in the prerequisite course(s). Return the form to the Department Office (room 256). If approved you will be given authorization to enroll in the class by phone or on Web for Students.

Do you want to take a class at another university or college for credit?
You must obtain the form "Undergraduate Application for Transient Work at Another College or University" from in College of Arts and Sciences office (105 Bowman Hall). This form must be signed by someone in the Dean's office and then submitted to the Department of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Coordinator (room 256 Cunningham Hall) for approval. Approval for courses in the major is given only for courses that are identical (credit hours, lab component, content). See the University Catalog for additional requirements and limitations.

How is the University's Writing-Intensive Course Requirement fulfilled? All students who are majoring in Biology (B.A. or B.S.), Botany, Conservation, or Zoology must complete the University's Writing-Intensive Course Requirement. The purpose of this requirement is to help students become better writers within their major area of study. All students using a catalog year of 1994 or later must fulfill this requirement. Complete this requirement by taking the one-credit hour course BSCI 40600. This course is taken along with an upper division course in which you are enrolled.

The writing intensive assignment will be completed with the instructor of the co-requisite upper division course. The Schedule of Classes for each semester lists all sections of BSCI 40600. Note the instructor's name listed for the regular upper division course and sign up for the section of BSCI 40600 offered for that instructor by first calling the Department of Biological Sciences office (330) 672-3613) to get permission to take the course and then registering for the course.

Enrollment in each section is limited. Do not wait until your Senior year to start thinking about this requirement. Consider taking the Writing-Intensive Course in your Junior year.

Note: BSCI 40600 does count as one hour of upper division elective credit in the major. (The course is already included in the new BS Biology 2002 major and does not count as an elective.)

If you have a problem scheduling BSCI 40600, consult your advisor. Make an appointment to see the Department Undergraduate Coordinator or visit during office hours, if the problem can't be worked out.