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Profile Detail

Adam A. Leff

Associate Professor

  • B.S. Animal Ecology, Iowa State University
  • D.V.M., University of Georgia
  • M.S. Medical Microbiology, University of Georgia
Courses Taught

  • Basic Microbiology
  • General Microbiology
  • Human Biology
  • Ichthyology
  • College Teaching
  • Career Pathways in Biology
Research Interests

My background and interest in science education developed through experiences as a teaching faculty at the Trumbull Campus of Kent State University. Currently my appointment is with the Department of Biological Sciences-Kent Campus as a science education faculty member.

My education research interests involve studying the use of technology as a tool to enhance undergraduate education. The development of interactive multimedia computer tutorials and the use of stereoscopic 3-D imaging are the focus of my research.

My science background is strongly rooted in medicine and microbiology with interests in infectious disease of aquatic animals and examination of interactions microorganisms have with the biotic and abiotic environment. My laboratory is geared towards providing undergraduates opportunity to participate in research, and graduate students to participate in development of educational curricula and research involving technology.

Previous Projects

Bacterial assemblages associated with shredded tire landfills.

The bacterial community associated with leachate collected from shredded tire landfills and the colonization of tire shred material in both the field and the lab is the focus of this study.


Bacterial Biofilm growing on tire shred surface.

Investigation of chitinoclastic disease in crayfish.

Shellfish of many species suffer from a syndrome that leads to erosions and ulcerations of the chitinous exoskeleton. Commonly called shell disease, black shell disease, or burnspot disease, its cause has been attributed to several species of bacteria and fungi. The etiology of this infection in populations of Orconectes crayfish from Northeast Ohio is currently being examined.

lesion1 IMG_0682   Crayfish (9)

Chitinoclastic disease lesion on dorsum of crayfish head.

Students working on crayfish project.

Orconectes and Procambarus sp.

Stereoscopic 3D imaging of anatomic structures and its use in teaching and learning.

Using 3D rendering software and two dimensional data from human cadaver sectioning, several stereoscopic 3D anatomy teaching lessons are being developed. The overall goal of this project is to compare learning of anatomic structures and their spatial relationships among various presentation modes; i.e., using 2D visualizations, 3D non-stereo, and 3D stereoscopic.

heart model 2

3D Anteriolateral view of human heart constructed from 2D data

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Vukanti, R., M. Crissman, L. Leff, and A. Leff.  2009.  Bacterial communities of tyre monofill sites: growth on tyre shreds and leachate.  Journal of Applied Microbiology 106 (2009) 1957–1966.

Leff, A.A., C.J. McNamara, and L.G. Leff 2007. Bacterial communities of leachate from tire monofill disposal sites. Science of the Total Environment 387:310-319.

Leff, L.G. and A. A. Leff 2000. The effects of macroinvertebrates on bacterial distributions in freshwater microcosms. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 147(2):225-240.

Leff, A.A., L. G. Leff, M.J. Lemke, R.T. Heath, and Xueqing Gao 1999. Abundance of planktonic virus-like particles in Lake Erie subsurface waters. Ohio J. Science 99(2):16-18.

Leff, A., T. Yoshinaga, and H.W. Dickerson 1994. Cross immunity in channel catfish against two immobilization serotypes of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Journal of Fish Diseases 17:429-432.

Research Areas
  • Aquatic microbiology
  • Diseases of aquatic organisms
  • Science education
Adam A. Leff
Department of Biological Sciences
Phone: 330-672-8369
Fax: 330-672-3713
Spring 2014
  • BSCI 10001 - 002 Human Biology
  • BSCI 20021 - 001 Basic Microbiology
  • BSCI 30005 - 003 Career Pathways In Biology
  • HONR 40096 - 002 Individual Honors Work
Summer 2014
  • BSCI 10002 - 001 Life On Planet Earth
Fall 2014
  • BSCI 10001 - 009 Human Biology
  • BSCI 20021 - 001 Basic Microbiology
  • BSCI 30005 - 002 Career Pathways In Biology