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Profile Detail

Brent C. Bruot


  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
Courses Taught

  • BSCI 40433.50433/70433 Mammalian Physiology I
  • BSCI 40434/50434/70434 Mammalian Physiology II
Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Asirvatham, A. and B. Bruot. 2002. Cell-Cell interaction in the testis of adjuvant-induced arthritic rat. J Andrology 23:491-497.Mehendale. R.G. and B.C. Bruot. 1995. Thyroid stimulating hormone inhibits rat granulosa cell steroidogenesis in primary culture. Endocrine 3:215-220.

Latman N.S., V. Kishore and B.C. Bruot. 1994 16-Epiestriol: An anti-inflammatory steroid without glycogenic activity. J. Pharm. Sci. 83:874-877.

Bruot, B.C. and Clemens, J.W. 1992. Regulation of testosterone production in the adjuvant-induced arthritic rat. J. Androl. 13: 87-92.

Lee, M.T., Adams, W.C. and Bruot, B.C. 1991. Circulating hormone concentrations in hypothyroid rats with induced polycystic ovaries. Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 198:737-741.

Research Interests

My research interest is the regulation of sex hormone synthesis and secretion in disease states. I am studying the role of gonadotropins and thyroid hormone in the development of polycystic ovaries. Of particular interest is the role of follicular cells in anovulation and cyst development. Another area of interest in my lab is the mechanism whereby autoimmune disorders may cause testicular dysfunction in mammals. I am interested in the role of cytokines in the regulation of Leydig cell steroidogenesis in adjuvant-induced arthritis.

Research Areas
  • Cellular aspects of reproductive endocrinology
  • Endocrine and paracrine regulation of steroid hormone synthesis
  • Immunoendocrine regulation of steroidogenesis
Brent C. Bruot
Department of Biological Sciences