The MS and PhD programs in Physiology allow students to engage in study and research that are specific to their interests and that complement the strengths of the department. These include: endocrinology, neuroscience, immunology, cancer, and reproductive physiology. 

Students in this program will customize much of their coursework to align with their research project. Students interested in this program should look at individual faculty web pages to identify potential advisors. 

Students in the Physiology program must take at least one course in each of the following areas: physiology (such as Endocrinology or Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience), cell biology/molecular biology (such as Eukaryotic Cell Biology) and biochemistry (such as Bioenergetics). Students must also take a statistics course, pre-candidacy PhD and all MS students must take Seminar each semester, and all TAs are required to take Responsible Conduct in Research and Teaching.