Frequently Asked Questions about the Authorization of Title IV Aid

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Q: What is the purpose of the Authorization Form?

A: Your Title IV Federal Aid will automatically pay your current institutional charges (i.e. tuition, fees, room and board). KSU can only use a max of $200 of current award year aid to fund prior award year charges. However, Kent State University, in compliance with federal regulations, must obtain the voluntary permission from students to apply their Federal financial aid proceeds to pay for charges related to prior and current year charges other than tuition, fees, room and board on the student’s account.

Q: To what types of financial aid does the Authorization of Title IV pertain?

A: Title IV aid includes Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, Direct Parent Plus Loans, Direct Graduate Plus Loans, Perkins Loans, Pell Grant, ACG, SMART Grant, SEOG, and TEACH Grant. It does not pertain to scholarships, university grants, or other aid.

Q: Do I need to provide the Authorization of Title IV each semester?

A: No, the Authorization form remains in effect while you are a Kent State University student (including breaks in enrollment). It may be rescinded at any time, see “How do I rescind my Authorization of TIV.”

Q: How to I provide my Authorization of Title IV?

A: Students should log in to their FlashLine account through

  1. Go to Student / Finances.
  2. Select “Title IV Aid Authorization”, listed under the Financial Aid section.
  3. Select one or both authorizations.
  4. Select “Submit.”

Screenshot of Interface


Q: Will providing the Authorization of Title IV help me?

A: Yes. By signing the form, any excess financial aid will be permitted to be applied to prior, future or certain miscellaneous charges on your student account. Importantly, this will help prevent an “account hold” for unpaid charges, which would block you from registering for future semesters, obtaining grades and receiving transcripts. It may also help expedite the issuing of a refund.

Q: Do I have to provide the Authorization to have Title IV funds applied to library fines and other fees?

A: Yes. The Authorization Form also must be signed to authorize the University to utilize Title IV funds to cover parking fines, library fines, replacement ID cards, and other miscellaneous charges.

Q: Will my Financial Aid be delayed if I do not provide the Authorization?

A: No. However, you are responsible for making payment to cover any unpaid charges, and that payment must be paid by the applicable deadline date.

Q: How do I rescind my Authorization of TIV

A: If after providing your Authorization of Title IV you wish to rescind it you must complete the “Rescind Authorization of TIV” form located under Forms (left menu bar) on the Bursar’s website at and return it to the Bursar’s Office.

Q: I still have questions – who can I talk to?

A: You can contact the Bursar’s Office at 330-672-2626 or via email at