Registration Date Payment Due Dates
Through January 6, 2015 1/6/2015
1/7/15 - 1/16/15 1/16/2015
1/17/15 - 2/4/15 2/4/15 (or first day of class if that date is after 2/4/15)

Installment Payment Plan due dates: 


  • 1st Payment: January 6 
  •  2nd payment: February 4 
  • Final payment: March 2 


When will my spring invoice be issued? 

Students and authorized users* will receive an e-mail notification during the first week of December advising them that their invoice is available for viewing. Students will receive this notification via their university e-mail address. 

Is every student issued an invoice? 

No, not all registration activity may result in an invoice being generated prior to a due date. Therefore, it is important that students verify due dates and view their up-to-date student account information through their FlashLine account. 

How do I access my student account information? 

Students have 24/7 access to their student account information through FlashLine. Follow the steps below to access your up-to-date account balance 

  • Students should log into their FlashLine account. 
  • Select the “My Account” tab. 
  • Choose “Account Detail” under “My Student Account.” 

You can view helpful step-by-step student account access instructions by logging on to the Bursar’s website. You can also contact the Bursar’s Office at 330-672-2626, via e-mail at, or visit your Kent State University Regional Campus for questions regarding your student account. 

How can I get additional information about invoices? 

Additional information regarding e-bills can be found under FAQs on the Bursar’s website.

When are schedules cancelled for insufficient/non-payment? 

Schedule cancellations for non-payment will be processed after the close of business January 8. Students will be notified via their university e-mail address if their schedule is canceled. Do not assume that not paying for classes will cause your schedule and housing contract (if applicable) to be canceled. You should drop your classes and contact Residence Services 330-672-7000 if you will not be attending. 

What if my payment is late? 

A late/non-payment fee of $100 may be assessed on January 16, for late/non-payment of registration made between January 8-16. A $100 late fee may be applied for unpaid balances after February 4. Nonpayment may result in cancellation of a student's schedule. 

What are my payment options? 

Kent State University offers several payment options including a 3-pay installment plan, see instruction below. You can visit the Bursar’s Office website for additional information regarding the various payment options. 

How do I sign up for the 3-pay installment plan? 

  • Login to your FlashLine account.  
  • Under “My Account” select "Pay with Installment Payment Plan” 
  • Follow the instructions given during the Installment Plan setup 

How do I make a payment? 

Online: At the website, you can make a payment with a checking account, savings account, or credit card (2.9% processing fee applied to all credit card transactions). 

Mail: You can mail a check made payable to Kent State University. Please mail the check to Kent State University, Bursar’s Office, P.O. Box 5190, Kent, OH 44242-0001. 

In Person: You can also make a payment with a check, money order, or cash at the Bursar’s Office in the Schwartz Center or at any of the Kent State University Regional Campuses. 

Who do I call if I have questions about my balance? 

You may contact the Bursar’s Office at 330-672-2626, option 1, via e-mail at, or visit your Kent State University Regional Campus for questions regarding your student account. 

What if I have questions about my financial aid? 

Please contact the Student Financial Aid Office at 330-672-2972, via e-mail at, or visit your Kent State University Regional Campus if you have questions regarding your federal financial aid. 

*Select the following link for more information regarding Authorized User