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Center for Information Systems Meeting
Friday November 6, 2009
8:00—10:00 AM


8:10 AM: Welcome and Introductions, Cathy Bakes

  • 35 members and guests attended
  • New members include:
    • Jay Buser (Ernst & Young)
    • Terry Koch (Parker Hannifin)
    • Liza Nunnari (National City/PNC)
    • –Helping us to expand into Stark County and increase linkages to the medical and small business sectors of the region’s economy
  • Guests:
    • Anthony Gasparatos (Vraona)
    • Maureen Kennedy & Jen Noble(KSU)
  • Dave Drzewiecki & Brian Kelley are finalists (in different categories) for NEOSA's CIO of the Year award

8:16 AM: Announcements, Dean Heisler

  • College of Business' 75th Anniversary Year
  • New healthcare MBA; first class has 20 students
  • Need new ideas to approach kids (in a class of 500 at least 200 don't have a major
    • Be proactive Earlier
  • Challenge Grant update:
    • In past 30 days, CIS members contributed $5,830 towards $10,000 target.
    • Challenge will close in Dec.
  • Members' gifts to scholarship fund, time spent at meetings and serving on committees, and presentations to classes and at MISA meetings are greatly appreciated.

8:26 AM: Appreciation Luncheon, Kristin Williams (Business Experiences Manager)

  • Friday Nov. 13th, 11:30 - 1:00
  • KSU Ballroom Balcony in the Student Center
  • Please RSVP!
  • For info about internships, please contact Kristin at 330-672-1285 or

8:27 AM: Research Project, Alan Brandyberry

  • And company with a data warehouse, please contact and participate in a short survey.

8:28 AM: College's FY 2010 Financial Performance - download powerpoint

  • Presentation given by Maureen Kennedy (Director, Financial & Business Operations)
  • Follow up to April report on Responsibility Centered Management
  • Fiscal Year July 1 - June 30
    • Total Revenue: $28.5 mil
    • Exp: ($15.5 mil)
    • Less Overhead: ($13.5 mil)
    • Net Total: ($0.5 mil)
  • Tremendous enrollment increase, which will swing the numbers from red to black
  • Discussion:
  • If our enrollment gained 12%, will the revenue go up by 12%?
    • No, increase only by a third in the first year. $500,000 possible after swing; goes away in fiscal 2013
  • Are the departmental expense budget amounts variable?
    • Per department; department decides what money should be spent on.

8:40 AM: Feedback from Undergraduate Advisors - download powerpoint

  • Presentation given by Jen Noble (Academic Advisor Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs Office)
  • How do students learn about CIS?
    • Teachers, Faculty and Staff
    • Graduation Planning System,
    • Coursework progression
  • What do advisors hear?
    • Confusion regarding the major/minor
    • Confusion because there are 3 "computer programs"
    • Confusion because students don't know what courses will be offered each year
  • Need ways to get students excited about CIS
  • Need ways to get students to gain proficiency in Computer Applications
  • Need a timeline for the curriculum, descriptions for Special Topics courses, and a focus group
  • Can students look at the differences between the 3 programs?
    • It is very difficult and cumbersome
  • Change the terminology of the courses?
    • This may help
  • Should all computer programs be in one college?
    • Would encourage togetherness, but is not necessary.
  • How do you get students down the right path?
    • Marketing (i.e., going to website) and consistency over time, but there is no quick fix.
  • What is the best way to bring the advisors up to date?
    • Attend staff meeting
  • What is wrong with telling students to see their advisors?
    • There is no guarantee the students will actually go
  • Focus Group Ideas:
    • Show high school students how they have already been using IT for 13 years Relate IT to their lives.
    • Target female students differently from males.

9:35 AM: MISA Update, Katie Hintze

  • 16 Members
  • Electing new officers Nov. 18th
  • Having trouble with a few of the officers; that's why there has been a slow start.

9:40 AM: Committee Reports

  • Executive Committee
    • All Rick Davenport does for CIS is greatly appreciated; due to increased work-related travel, he has stepped down from executive committee and as internship committee co-chair; grateful to Dave Drzewiecki for taking over from Rick
    • Due to workload, Pratim Datta has stepped down from marketing committee; Cathy is interim co-chair; grateful to Pratim for many contributions
    • Marketing committee renamed as enrollment committee; also renaming internship committee as business experience committee
    • Will have student presentations at Dec. 11 CIS meeting; would like as many members, students, and guests as possible to attend
  • Curriculum Committee
    • Test website for new curriculum is done (
  • Enrollment Committee
    • 183 students currently enrolled in major; 193 pre-majors
    • Female professionals volunteered to participate in Dec. 4 IT's for Girls event at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center; KSU souvenirs provided; SIM gave $1K
  • Internship Committee
    • New co-chair, Dave Drzewiecki, wants to be more quantitative with information.
    • Thanks to Rick Davenport for hard work while co-chair.
  • Scholarship Committee
    • Ph. D. student recently selected to receive 300th CIS award
    • 2 of 3 certification reimbursements available for fall already awarded
    • Tuition applications due Nov. 11; leadership nominations due Nov. 24
    • Fall 2009 award recipients to be recognized during Dec. 11 CIS meeting
    • CIS website has link to donation form for scholarship fund.

9:49 AM: CIS Survey Results, Ryan Conlon, - download powerpoint

  • 40 total responses, 22 corporate, 12 faculty, and 6 students
  • Top academic issues to discuss: IS Major (38), Student Presentation (34), MISA (33)
  • Other significant issues: More networking sessions, student interaction, and emerging technology discussions

9:56 AM: End

Minutes Prepared by:
Katie Hintze, Communications Facilitator