Pursue two degrees simultaneously. Take advantage of pursuing a Master’s degree with  another graduate degree and you will greatly increase your marketability; select five dual Master’s degrees.  

Each dual degree program makes an independent admission decision from one application based upon grades, standardized test scores, references, an essay and work experience.



The dual degree combining a Master of Architecture with an MBA is designed for an architect or undergraduate architectural student whose career goals include middle or executive management position, or if you are interested in starting your own business. 

The dual degree program requires that you earn at least 71 credit hours; 32 from the Master of Architecture program (usually 44 credit hours) and 39 from the MBA program (usually 39-54 credit hours). 

Communication Studies

The dual degree combining an MA in Communication Studies with an MBA integrates knowledge of economic and business development practices that impact our interconnected global business world. Coursework covers communication theory and skills, media and information dissemination and processes, business fundamentals, entrepreneurial thinking and team-building skills.

The dual degree program requires that you earn at least  62 credit hours; 35 from the MBA program (usually 35-41 credit hours) and 20 from the Master of Communication Studies program (usually 20-27 credit hours). 

Library and Information Science

The dual degree combining an MLIS with an MBA is designed for managers of large libraries or information centers. You will elevate your knowledge of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The dual degree will place you ahead of your peers in a job market that is becoming increasingly competitive.

The MBA and MLIS dual degree requires 69-70 credit hours of coursework; 33-34 hours in business and 25 hours in library and information science. 


The dual degree combining an MSN with an MBA is for experienced nurses whose career goals include middle or executive management positions in healthcare services, agencies or companies. It combines your advanced nursing preparation with the practical management knowledge needed to develop patient-responsive organizations.

The MSN/MBA dual degree is a demanding program requiring the fulfillment of 70 credit hours of coursework. 


The dual degree combining an MA in Translation with an MBA is for students with significant foreign language skills who wish to integrate graduate business education with advanced foreign language translation.

With concentrations available in French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish, the dual-degree is for you if you wish to pursue professional careers in the language industries.  These include translation, localization, large industry project management or other multilingual environments such as international business, social services, or library and information science.

You must earn a total of 70-73 credit hours; 25-28 from the MA in Translation program (total program usually 36 hours) and 33 from the MBA program (total program usually 39-54 credit hours).

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