Michael Ellis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Department of Economics

Michael Ellis


Recent Publications

  • Do Natural Resource Revenues Lower Government Reliance on Seigniorage? The Role of Exchange Rate Policy. Development Policy Review, forthcoming (with Nasr Elbahnasawy). 
  • FOMC Forecasts and Monetary Policy Deliberations. Economics Letters 147, 131-34 (with Dandan Liu). 
  • Political Instability and the Informal Economy. World Development 85, September, 2016, 31-42 (with Nasr G. Elbahnasawy and Assande D Adom). 
  • Economic Structure and Seigniorage: A Dynamic Panel Analysis. Economic Inquiry 54, April, 2016, 940-65 (with Nasr G. Elbahnasawy).
  • Do FOMC Forecasts Add Value to Staff Forecasts? European Journal of Political Economy 32, December, 2013, 332-40 (with Dandan Liu).


Ph.D., Economics, Texas A&M University