R. Drew Sellers, EDM, CMA

Assistant Professor Department of Accounting

R. Drew Sellers

R. Drew Sellers is an Assistant Professor in the Accounting department at Kent State University, where he teaches accounting information systems to undergraduate and graduate students. His research focuses on socialization and social structure in the accounting profession; in particular the dynamics of social networks within firms. He has presented his work at numerous regional and national conferences and published articles in journals such as Accounting Horizons, Behavioral Research in Accounting, Managerial Auditing Journal, Journal of Managerial Issues and Issues in Accounting Education.

Sellers is a Certified Management Accountant, CMA, and received his doctorate from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio in 2008. Prior to becoming a professor, he worked in public accounting and consulting for 20 years and 12 years in industry. He was a partner at Arthur Andersen/Accenture, President for a regional technology firm and Chief Information Officer at an international health care company.


Executive Doctor of Management, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, 2008



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