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The Center for Applied Conflict Management (originally called the Center for Peaceful Change) was established in 1971 as a “living memorial” to the students killed by the Ohio National Guard during a student protest against the Vietnam War on May 4, 1970.  The Center was created to study and to promote peaceful mechanisms of change.

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Undergraduate Program

The Center’s undergraduate degree program, established in 1973, is one of the oldest -- and currently one of the largest -- peace and conflict studies programs in the country.   Our popular "Introduction to Conflict Management" class is open to all majors, and satisfies Kent CORE and diversity requirements.  Additional classes offered through the Center provide more intensive training in negotiation, mediation, strategic planning and nonviolent change.  Undergraduate students can major in Applied Conflict Management, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Those pursuing other degrees can minor in Applied Conflict Management, or use CACM courses as electives to enhance their skills in other disciplines.  

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Graduate Study Options

The new Conflict Analysis and Management track in the Political Science doctoral degree program is attracting graduate students from all over the world.  Students interested in doing master’s level work can study with CACM faculty through Kent State’s Master in Liberal Studies program.

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Career Opportunities

Our alumni are employed in a variety of fields which include business, finance, social services, nonprofit management, government, human resources, education and training, law, mediation, community organizing and activism.

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Student & Alumni Spotlight Page

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