Waiting List Procedures

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To sign up for laser cutting or to color plot, please click the link at the bottom or top of this page. This will bring you to our online waiting list system. Once you are signed up, you may view the waiting list at your convenience from any Internet capable computer. You will be contacted via telephone. At this point, you will be given an ETA (minimum of 10 minutes) and be put in the queue. If you do not answer, or respond within 5 minutes, your name will be removed from the list and the next person will be contacted. You will also be removed from the list if you fail to show up after being called. If your name is removed from the list because of these reasons, your only option is to sign up again. Under extreme circumstances, places on the list may be traded at the discretion of the print room staff member on duty.

You may only have your name on the waiting list once at any given time per service.  Multiple sign ups of the same person for any single service will result in your name(s) being removed from the list without notice. You will have to re-sign the list.  If you accidentally sign up more than once, please contact a print center employee immediately to have the duplicate name removed. You can reach the Print Center at (330)672-4139

Group Work and "Piggy Backing"

The following guidelines have been established regarding group work:

It is common for multiple individuals to be assigned groups for completing a project.
Group members are defined by the Digital Fabrication and Print Center as individuals who are collectively receiving a grade on a project. If you are not receiving a grade for the project being worked on, we do not consider you part of the group. Why is this important? Consider the following scenario:

John and Joe are group members working on a laser cut site model together who will be graded together. Mike and Mary are members of another group working on a different site model. The two of them will be graded together. These four individuals decide to collaborate on their projects. While the 4 of them may be working together, they are not part of the same group.

It is perfectly fine for John to bring Joe's and his project to the print center to be laser cut. It is NOT fine for John to bring Joe's and his project to the print center to be cut AND part or all of Mike and Mary's project, even though they were collaborating together. The same goes for an individual having his/her work done and slipping in some work for a friend (piggy-backing) at the end without the friend signing up.

This might seem like common sense to most of you, but people have tried to "work the system" in the past by attempting things like this. This behavior is not only considered underhanded, but causes YOUR FELLOW CLASSMATES to wait significantly longer than they should. Make no mistake, that they will let us know about it. Anyone found engaging in this type of behavior, or misrepresenting themselves to our staff will have any work immediately halted, be cashed out, and all parties involved will be removed from the waiting list. These parties will not be permitted to resign the waiting list for a period of AT LEAST 24 hours, pending our investigation. Other penalties may accompany this depending on the situation. If a project is due in the meantime, other arrangements will have to be made outside the print center. This may sound harsh, but we take this very seriously because careless acts like this could affect dozens of people further down the list who have been patiently waiting.

Sending Someone Else to Color Plot, Scan or Laser Cut Your Project

You may have another person bring your project to be color plotted, scanned or laser cut, however, persons making payment must use their own FLASHcard.  In this scenario the print center is not responsible for mistakes in sizing, color, cut scale or any other issues that would have been the responsibility of the job “owner.”  (e.g.  Julie has her friend John bring her file to be laser cut.  Julie wants the file to be cut at 1/16” = 1’-0” scale.  John, however, has the job cut at 1/32” = 1’-0”.  Julie must still pay for that job.)

Flash Shifts

Occasionally during peak times, Flash Shifts may be added at varying times to meet the demand for print center services.  During these added shifts the posted Waiting List Procedure is still in effect as far as determining work order; however, student names will NOT be crossed off if they are not present at these times.

Special Requests

All students and classes are required to conform to the posted print center schedule.  If your class has a major project and you feel that the posted hours are (or will be) inadequate, please have your professor notify Tyler Stiffler ( tstiffl1@kent.edu ) at least 1-2 weeks ahead of time.  We will do our best to accommodate these demand peaks.  Print center staff will not be held responsible for insufficient hours of operation if they are not notified at least 1-2 weeks ahead of time.

To sign up for laser cutting or to color plot, please click here.

To view the waiting list, please click here.