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Welcome from the Dean 

Why design? Why architecture, why interior design, why urban planning or why architectural studies? Can civilization improve itself or are we on a fated course? Our society faces some immense challenges: global climate change, urbanization, limited resources, poverty, energy demands, and storms both internal and external to the individual.  Here at Kent State, in the midst of a region that has reinvented itself numerous times, we believe tomorrow's designers not only have the ability, but the obligation to lead our society in responsible directions that will provide answers to these issues.

SteidlDougThe College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) provides opportunities for personal growth through design exploration integrated with the practical aspects associated with professional life. Whether the degree program is in architecture, interior design, architectural studies or urban design the eventual outcome is a professional who understands how the built environment can improve the quality of life for all citizens, while preserving the limited resources of this planet. 

Education is about developing the ability to understand the decision making process, comprehend the ethical choices one faces, and at the same time fulfill an individual's practical needs for thriving in a complex world. The College of Architecture and Environmental Design aims to equip students with the social, theoretical, technical and ethical understandings, convictions and confidence that will serve them, and their fellow citizens, well throughout a lifetime.

The College has achieved great success through programs specifically designed to foster this complete educational experience. The International Studies Program expands cultural understanding; the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative is an operating design office improving urban conditions, with student input; the undergraduate comprehensive studio experience teaches how to synthesize and integrate history, theory, systems and procedures into a single project; and the graduate curriculum offers a meaningful "Capstone" studio, as well as unique dual degree programs in Business and Urban Design. Interior design majors transform their vision into physical reality in a senior course designed to serve a citizen oriented organization, while our architectural studies majors impact community through "Arcs in Service".

Why design? Because it holds the solutions of tomorrow. It starts with inquisitive minds, passionate about seeking and understanding ways in which to mould society through the constructed environment, while simultaneously respecting the natural environment. The world will look different to you when you depart from Kent State. There will be expanded possibilities, a conviction that an individual can improve lives, including one's own, and a perspective that sees beyond the horizon.

Come join us in pursuing this challenging vision about a better tomorrow!

Douglas L Steidl, FAIA
Dean, College of Architecture and Environmental Design