New Home of CAED



The College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) at Kent State University will soon begin construction on a new facility, designed and located to be a physical statement of the strengthened relationship between the city and university. The building is placed along the Lefton Esplanade, the primary connection between the two entities, engaging not only our design students but the campus and city as a whole. Approaching from the west, it will be the first impression of the university, a culmination of planning and relationships.

The facility is meant to engage this broader community in design, to beg them to consider how design has created their daily habitats. We hope that the site will offer inspiration to the next generation of designers and users who will experience what it is like to have a building meld seamlessly with its environment while having a positive impact on its occupants. This is the significance of the design; it will be a reminder of what the physical environment means to our daily lives.

The building is a continuing example of CAED’s success which extends into programs with three new master degrees. The master of Landscape Architecture will focus on the methods required to enhance our cities in an ever changing environment. Healthcare Design will explore and support our region’s strength and renown in the medical field. And our Master of Science will push our students to find the next answer, to question the foundations of design and expand them to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.