Networking & Social Media

Networking is about sustaining connections for both personal and professional success and is the #1 job search strategy!  

Elevator Pitch    Create your ONE-minute pitch NOW!

Develop a list of contacts

  • Talk to the obvious people (your family, former co-workers, faculty, advisors) as well as people you wouldn't normally include in your job search (your doctor, dentist, clergy, hairdresser).  Use the Building a Network worksheet to get started.
  • Professional associations often have student chapters  and membership rates. Association meetings are a great way to make contacts.
  • Always be aware of how you act and what you say, both online and in person.  You never know when there is a potential contact right in front of you.
  • Prepare your one-minute elevator pitch and if a conversation lends itself, speak up and let people know that you are in the job market. 
  • Don't let fear stop you from reaching out. Instead of thinking, “I don't want to impose on others.”, think, “Every contact I make brings me closer to my job.” 

create a strong LinkedIn profile

Mind Your Networking Manners

Solicit Your Contacts Assistance

  • When contacting someone you don't know, be professional, explain your purpose, and respect their schedule. You must always get permission to use a person's name and  contact info if you wish to have them assist you in your job search.
  • Give your contacts a copy of your resume and explain the type of career you are seeking. The better they understand your interests and goals, the more effectively they can assist you.
  • Never ask a contact for a job. Instead of asking “Can you get me a job at your law firm?”, ask: “Do you know of any openings at your firm?” Many organizations have employee referral programs and tap their own staff to help them find new hires. 
  • Don't ask inappropriate personal questions. This is a professional interaction and the impression you leave will determine how hard that contact will work on your behalf.
  • If you schedule an informational interview, be sure to dress professionally and prepare questions to ask during the interview.
  • Nurture relationships through periodic contact, saying "thank you", and letting your contacts know the results of your job search.