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Selecting a career path and major are two of the most important decisions you will make as a student. Take a closer look at your skills, interests, and values with the help of a career expert who may suggest one of the assessments below, followed by an interpretation of your results!

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Uncover Skills And Interests

Career and self-assessment tools are designed to help you gain personal insight and information helpful in making career decisions.  The assessment options below can help you better understand and reflect on your:

  • Interests - things you enjoy and have fun doing like hobbies and social activities.
  • Skills and abilities - including strengths such as organizing, speaking, writing, planning, and problem-solving.
  • Values - things that are important to you and keep you motivated like making a contribution to your community, providing leadership, or having job security.

Online Assessments


    MyPlan assessments can be taken for free using the KSU access code provided at www.kent.myplan.com. Assessments include a 1) Skills Profiler, 2) Interest Inventory, 3) Values Assessment, and 4) a Personality Test.  

    To make the most of completing an assessment, check "share results with a career advisor" when registering, then print out your results and meet with a Career Counselor who can help you interpret your feedback.


    Login to Collage: A Kent State to Career Portfolio using your FlashLine user name and password.  Here you will find a variety of exercises that will assist you with developing self-awareness and thinking about your major and career goals.


    » Use the Quick Career Decision Maker to better understand the factors that are important to you when making decisions.

    » Try Discover Your Decision Making Style to uncover your style and how to use it to your advantage. 


    » The CMI is a helpful way for students to gain personal insight into the process of and readiness for making career decisions. For more information and to take the assessment, visit the Career Maturity Inventory.

In-Person Assessments


    The SDS is the world's most widely used career interest inventory.  

    » Takes 20-30 minutes to complete and 15 minutes to review results.  No appointment required during drop in career counseling hours.


    The MBTI is a personality assessment designed to measure preferences in how one perceives the world and makes decisions. Understanding your basic preferences can help you further explore the type of career environments that are best for you. 

    » Speak with one of our MBTI certified career counselors to determine if this assessment is appropriate for you. If so, you will be provided a login and password for access to the online MBTI assessment.

    » Cost: $15.00 for detailed report and interpretation by a MBTI certified career counselor.

    » Upon completion, schedule a one-hour appointment to receive your results.


    Card sorts are a quick and easy way for individuals to prioritize and categorize their skills and values in a way to that can aid in career decision making. 

    » Typically takes one hour to complete during a pre-scheduled appointment with a career counselor.