Requirements for admission 

In order to participate in the CAS Learning Community, you must first be admitted to Kent State University, declare interest in a major/program in the College of Arts & Sciences, and live in Wright Hall.  Based on your major, you will be considered for placement in either the Science Learning Community, Social Science Learning Community, or Humanities Learning Community.


  1. Enrolled as a Kent State student in the College of Arts and Sciences
  2. Science Learning Community students- Minimum 3.0 High School GPA
  3. Social Science and Humanities Learning Communities students- Minimum 2.75 High School GPA

Students are selected based on their interest in the specified fields, eligibility requirements, and a combination of measures that indicate a student's readiness to enter into college level coursework. Those measures include the Aleks Math Assessment results, high school grade point average, short answer essays and ACT/SAT scores.  

Emphasis is placed on recruiting a portion of students who are first-generation college students and groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences.

What are the requirements for participation?  

  • Enrollment in connected classes 
    • Upper-class students who have met these requirements do not need to enroll in these classes, and should still apply  to the program. 
  • Attend weekly group study sessions, community meetings  
  • Attend faculty advising sessions and rap sessions 
  • Attend Field Trips

*You must register for the connected courses with our Academic Program Coordinator for your specific area of interest during your Destination Kent State appointment.  Sign up Quickly!  CASLC is high in demand and students are selected on a first-come, first -serve basis.

Apply to CASLC