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Profiles Detail

Mary Beth Spitznagel

Assistant Professor

Education:  Ph.D., Ohio University (2003)

Research Areas:  Clinical - Assessment, Clinical - Health

Specialty:  Neuropsychology/Health

Research Interests

My research is broadly the neuropsychology metabolic (e.g., obesity, exercise, glycemic control) and medical (e.g., cardiovascular disease) predictors of cognition, with particular emphasis on pathological cognitive aging.

Lab Site:  Clinical Neuropsychology Research Lab

Courses Frequently Taught

  • Neuropsychology/Health (graduate)
  • Introduction to Psychological Assessment (graduate)
  • Clinical Neuroanatomy (graduate)
  • Neuropsychology Practicum (graduate)
  • Psychology of Exercise (undergraduate)


Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Alosco ML, Spitznagel MB, Miller L, Raz N, Cohen RA, Sweet LH, Colbert LH, Josephson R, Waechter D, Hughes J, Rosneck J, Gunstad, J. (in press). Depression is associated with reduced physical activity in persons with heart failure. Health Psychology.

Spitznagel MB, Potter V, Miller LA, Miller ARN, Hughes J, Rosneck J, Gunstad J (2012). Ability to regulate emotion is predicted by depressive symptoms and cognitive function in a cardiac sample. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. Epub ahead of print

Miller LA, Spitznagel MB, Alosco ML, Cohen RA, Raz N, Sweet LH, Colbert L, Josephson R, Hughes J, Rosneck J, Gunstad J. (2012). Cognitive profiles in heart failure: a cluster analytic approach. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 34(5):509-20.

Garcia S, Alosco ML, Spitznagel MB, Cohen R, Raz N, Sweet L, Colbert L, Josephson R, Hughes J, Rosneck J, Gunstad J. (2012). Poor sleep quality and reduced cognitive function in persons with heart failure. International Journal of Cardiology,156(2):248-9.

Spitznagel MB, Garcia S, Miller L, Strain G, Devlin M, Wing R, Cohen R, Pau, R, Crosby R, Mitchell J, Gunstad J. (2011). Cognitive Function Predicts Weight Loss Success Following Bariatric Surgery.  Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases. Epub ahead of print

Galioto R, Spitznagel MB, Strain G, Devlin M., Cohen R, Paul R, Crosby R, Mitchell J, Gunstad J. (2012). Cognitive Function in Morbidly Obese Individuals With and Without Binge Eating Disorder. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 53(5):490-5.

Spitznagel MB, Miller L, Potter V, Glickman E, Gunstad J. (2011). Impact of 6-month exercise program on weight status and associated biomarkers in mild cognitive impairment (MCI). ISRN: Pathology, doi:10.5402/2011/469463

Moreno-Martínez FJ, Goñi-Imízcoz M, Spitznagel MB (2011). Domain or not Domain? That is the question: Longitudinal semantic deterioration in Alzheimer's disease. Brain and Cognition, 77: 89-95.

Spitznagel MB, Benitez A, Updegraff J, Potter V, Alexander T, Glickman E, Gunstad J. (2010). Serum ghrelin is inversely associated with cognitive function in a sample of non-demented elderly.  Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 64: 608-11. 

Okonkwo OC, Spitznagel MB, Alosco ML, Tremont G. (2010). Awareness of cognitive deficits in dementia: When the clinician is not available. Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 6: 312-8.

Mary Beth Spitznagel
Department of Psychology
Phone: 330-672-2399
Fax: 330-672-3786