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College of the Arts
School of Music

E101 Kent State University's Center for the Performing Arts
Tel: 330-672-2172
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The Bachelor of Science in Music Technology is offered on the stark campus and consists of two concentrations: Audio Recording and Music Production.

Audio Recording majors learn advanced audio recording techniques.

Music Production majors learn how to use technology to realize creative work such as: original music, arranging and production.

The development of music technology has had an enormous impact on the music industry. There are many career opportunities for talented musicians in music technology. Skilled musicians can apply formal training to recording careers, studio performance, arranging or producing and live performances. Opportunities are also available in non-traditional, contemporary popular music venues, the movie industry, television, multi-media events, and music for advertising as well as traditional performing arts venues. The growth of music technology has made knowledge and experience in this area a necessity for all students preparing for a career in any area of the music industry. To compete effectively in the contemporary music world, one must possess a strong traditional music background, plus the technical expertise required to make the most of a rapidly changing and developing technology.

Career Opportunities

Majors are prepared for careers in:

  • Audio Production
  • Studio Engineering
  • Events Management/Arts Management
  • Music and sound reinforcement for live performance such as theatre and dance
  • Independent musical composition and performance, sound design and post-production for film, television and radio
  • Music for emerging new media such as interactive games and the internet
Admission Requirements

A successful audition on the student's primary instrument and completion of theory and keyboard placement tests.


Graduation Requirements

Minimum 121 total credit hours, minimum 39 upper-division hours. Minimum 2.000 cumulative GPA and a 2.250 GPA in the major. Minimum eight semesters of major ensemble courses and six semesters of applied studio musicianship and applied music courses. Students are required to attend a minimum four-year total of 84 concerts or recitals.

Study Abroad/Away Opportunities

There are many study abroad/away opportunities, for more information contact the Office of Global Education.

Program Fee



National Association of Schools of Music

Culminating Requirements

Music Technology Portfolio
MUS 40092 Music Technology Internship
Applied Music Performance Requirement
Applied Music or Studio Musicianship 46000 Performance Requirement

Type Legend: DD Diversity–Domestic; DG Diversity–Global; ELR Experiential Learning; KAD Kent Core Additional; KBS Kent Core Basic Sciences; KCM Kent Core Composition; KFA Kent Core Fine Arts: KHU Kent Core Humanities; KMC Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning; KSS Kent Core Social Sciences; WIC Writing Intensive

Please read the sections in the University Catalog on Kent Core, diversity, writing-intensive and the experiential learning requirements.

Type Course Title Credits
  US 10097 Destination Kent State: First Year Experience 1
II. MAJOR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (68 credits)  Courses count in major GPA 
Type Course Title Credits
  MUS 11121 Theory 3
    11122 Theory 3
KFA   22111 The Understanding of Music (music major section) 3
  22121 Music as a World Phenomenon (music major section) 3
    21113 Music Production I 3
    21114 Music Production II 3
    21221 Audio Recording I 3
    21222 Audio Recording II 3
    21341 Commercial Music Theory and Composition 3
    34111 Elementary Conducting 2
    37111 Functional Piano 2
ELR   40092 Music Technology Internship 2
    41181 Acoustics and Technology in Music 2
    41341 Jazz Improvisation I 2
    Major Ensemble Elective* 8
WIC TECH 31000 Cultural Dynamics of Technology 3
  Music Elective 3
  Choose from the following: 3
  MUS 32211 Music History (3)  
    42131 America's Music (3)  
DD   42161 History of Jazz (3)  
  Choose from the following:
Applied Studio Musicianship and Applied Music**
  MUS 36111 - 36912 Applied Music (4-12)  
    36913 Applied Studio Musicianship (8)  
  Choose from the following: Piano Class or Applied Music Piano 2
  MUS 17111 Piano Class (1)  
    17112 Piano Class (1)  
    27111 Piano Class (2)  
    27112 Piano Class (2)  
    36111 Applied Music-Piano (2)  
    46111 Applied Music-Piano (2)  
Type Course Title Credits
  BUS 10123 Exploring Business 3
KSS ECON 22060 Principles of Microeconomics 3
  JMC 23030 Basic Electronic Media Video Production 3
KMC MATH 11009 Modeling Algebra 4
  Kent Core Basic Sciences (must include one laboratory) 6-7
  Kent Core Composition 6-8
  Kent Core Humanities and Fine Arts (minimum one course from each) 3
  Kent Core Social Sciences (must be from two disciplines) 3
  Kent Core Additional 6
  General Elective (upper division) 3
  Audio Recording (12)
  Music Production (12)


Special Notes for Degree/Major:

  • Students double majoring in Audio Recording and Music Production can take the Audio Recording and Music Production III, IV, V and VI classes concurrently.
  • Students are required to attend a minimum four-year total of 84 concerts or recitals.
  • Applied music courses are available in the summer on selected instruments. Composition may also be taken in the summer
  • Students must receive a minimum grade of C- in all MUS courses
  • A minimum C (2.0) grade must be earned in TECH 31000 to fulfill the writing-intensive requirement.

*Major ensemble (8 semesters and 8 credit hours):
All music technology majors must enroll in an ensemble appropriate to their major performance area each semester the students are registered full time as music majors. 2 credit hours must be taken in a major ensemble. Students may choose to complete the other 6 hours in MUS 35213 Studio Ensemble, or 4 hours in MUS 35213 and 2 hours as ensemble electives (e.g., MUS 45231, MUS 25311 for guitar majors).

**Applied Studio Musicianship and Applied Music (6 semesters and 12 credit hours):
Students must take at least 4 credit hours at 2 credits per semester of Applied Music and meet Applied Studio graduation requirements. Students  may complete the other 8 credit hours by taking either Applied Music or Applied Studio Musicianship to meet graduation requirements. Students must also meet the 46000-entry-level requirement in either Applied Music or in  Applied Studio Musicianship for graduation.

MUS 36111 -36912 Applied Music (4-12)
MUS 36913 Applied Studio Musicianship (8)


Audio Recording Concentration

For semester-by-semester course sequencing for this program, view the 2013-2014 Roadmap.

 CONCENTRATION REQUIREMENTS (12 credits)  Courses count in major GPA
Type Course Title Credits
  MUS 31221 Audio Recording III 3
    31222 Audio Recording IV 3
    41221 Audio Recording V 3
    41222 Audio Recording VI 3


Music Production Concentration

For semester-by-semester course sequencing for this program, view the 2013-2014 Roadmap.

CONCENTRATION REQUIREMENTS (12 credits) Courses count in major GPA
Type Course Title Credits
  MUS 31113 Music Production III 3
    31114 Music Production IV 3
    41113 Music Production V 3
    41114 Music Production VI 3