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CCI Faculty and Staff 2009-2010

Faculty & Staff

Kent State University consistently wins awards for being a great place to work. For the third straight year, the Employers Research Council named Kent State University to the NorthCoast 99, one of the 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio, while the Chronicle of Higher Education honored Kent State in its 2012 "Great Colleges to Work For" list.

Kent State continues to be recognized locally and nationally because of the unique skills, diverse talents, knowledge and “above and beyond” effort of faculty and staff. In return, Kent State offers many services and resources to assist its employees in their professional and personal development.

CCI Kent State has a highly talented faculty who are committed to excellence in education.

CCI Kent State Faculty and Staff:

    * Stanley T. Wearden, Prof. and Dean,
    * LuEtt Hanson, Assoc. Prof. and Associate Dean,
    * Matt Rollyson, Assistant Dean,    
    * Evan Bailey, Operations Manager, IdeaBase,
    * Pearle Bower, Special Assistant,
    * Janet Cash, Business Manager,
    * Kristen Chorba, Assoc. Instructional Designer, 
    * George Cheney, Prof. and Coordinator of Doctoral Education/Interdisciplinary   Research,
    * Kristin Dowling, Business Manager, IdeaBase,  
    * Olivia Edwards, Special Assistant,
    * Ben Hollis, Sr. Instructional Designer,
    * Christine Isenberg, Director of Advancement,
    * Jennifer Kramer, Director of Public Relations and Marketing Communications,
    * Audrey Lingenfelter, Senior Business Manager,
    * Brittany Moore, Secretary,
    * Cathy Zingrone, Director of Recruitment and Curriculum Services,
    * Marianne Warzinski, Academic Program Director, CCI Commons,

CCI Kent State Advising Staff:

    * Michael Bell, COMM Academic Advisor,    
    * Vince Giles, VCD Academic Advisor,
    * Lorie Hopp, COMM Academic Advisor,
    * Beth Lattimer, Secretary,
    * Sara Morato, CCI Study Abroad/ VCD Advising Coord.,
    * Robert Springer, JMC Academic Advisor,
    * Aimee Swartzlander, JMC Academic Advisor,    
    * Amy Wilkens, JMC Academic Advisor Coord.,

Full-time Faculty in CCI Schools:

School of Communication Studies:

    * Paul Haridakis, Prof. and Director,
    * Jeffrey Child, Assoc. Prof.
    * George Cheney, Prof.
    * Rebecca Cline, Prof.
    * Joelle Cruz, Asst. Prof.
    * Suzy D'Enbeau, Asst. Prof.
    * Rozell Duncan, Asst. Prof.
    * Nichole Egbert, Assoc. Prof.
    * Catherine Goodall, Asst. Prof.
    * Mei-Chen Lin, Assoc. Prof.
    * Jennifer McCullough, Asst. Prof.
    * Janet Meyer, Assoc. Prof.
    * Sally Planalp, Prof.
    * James Ponder, Asst. Prof.
    * Rekha Sharma, Asst. Prof.
    * David Trebing, Asst. Prof.

COMM Regional Facility

    * Laurie Bentley, Asst. Prof., (Ashtabula)
    * Bei Cai, Assoc. Prof. (Stark)
    * Alice Crume, Asst. Prof. (Tuscarawas)
    * Erin Hollenbaugh, Asst. Prof. (Stark)
    * Jeff Nelson, Assoc. Prof. (Trumbull)
    * Lisa Waite, Assoc. Lecturer (Stark)
    * Carolyn Webber, Asst. Prof. (Stark)

School of Journalism and Mass Communication:

    * Thor Wasbotten, Professor and Director, 
    * Luke Armour, Asst. Prof.   
    * Evan Bailey, Asst. Prof.
    * Greg Blase, Assoc. Director and Asst. Prof.
    * John Butte, Practictioner in Residence
    * Candace Perkins Bowen, Assoc. Prof.   
    * Fran Collins, Assoc. Prof.
    * Danielle Coombs, Asst. Prof.
    * Michele Ewing, Assoc. Prof.
    * Jeff Fruit, Professor     
    * Mark Goodman, Prof., Knight Chair
    * Gary Hanson, Prof.
    * Karl Idsvoog, Assoc. Prof.
    * Cheryl Kushner, Asst. Prof.
    * Jan Leach, Assoc. Prof.
    * David LaBelle, Lecturer
    * Hyangsook Lee, Asst. Prof.
    * Jacqueline Marino, Assoc. Prof.
    * Stefanie Moore, Asst. Prof.
    * Joe Murray, Assoc. Prof.
    * Tim Roberts, Lecturer
    * Ann Schierhorn, Prof.
    * Eugene Shelton Jr., Assoc. Prof.
    * William Sledzik, Assoc. Prof.
    * David Smeltzer, Assoc. Prof.
    * Stephanie Smith, Lecturer
    * A. Bennett Whaley, Asst. Prof.
    * Traci Williams, Assoc. Lecturer
    * Susan Zake, Lecturer
    * Wendy Wardell, Lecturer


JMC Regional Facility

    * Beth Butler, Asst. Prof. (Stark)
    * Mitch McKenney, Asst. Prof (Stark)


School of Library and Information Science:

    * Jeff Fruit, Prof. and Interim Director,
    * Denise Bedford, Asst. Prof. (Goodyear Professor) (IAKM)
    * Michael Bice, Prof.
    * Carolyn Brodie, Prof.
    * Greg Byerly, Assoc. Prof.
    * Karl Fast, Asst. Prof.
    * Thomas Froehlich, Prof. (IAKM)
    * Karen Gracy, Asst. Prof.
    * Sara Meghan Harper, Assoc. Prof.
    * Christine Hudak, Prof. (IAKM)
    * Frank Lambert, Asst. Prof.
    * Kiersten Latham, Asst. Prof.
    * Tomas Lipinski, Prof. 
    * Marianne Martens, Asst. Prof.
    * Rebecca Meehan, Asst. Prof.
    * Mary Anne Nichols, Assoc. Lecturer
    * David Robins, Assoc. Prof. (IAKM)
    * Dan Roland, Asst. Prof.
    * Athena Salaba, Assoc. Prof.
    * Catherine Smith, Asst. Prof.
    * Don Wicks, Assoc. Prof.
    * Marcia Lei Zeng, Prof.
    * Yin Zhang, Prof.

SLIS Regional Facility

    * Belinda Boon, Asst. Prof. (Columbus)
    * Nancy Lensenmeyer, Lecturer (Columbus)
    * Miriam Matteson, Asst. Prof. (Columbus)

School of Visual Communication Design:     

    * AnnMarie LeBlanc, Professor and Director,   
    * Jessica Barness, Asst. Prof.
    * Jillian Coorey, Asst. Prof.
    * Douglas Goldsmith, Asst. Prof
    * Joan Inderhees, Assoc. Lecturer
    * Sanda Katila, Assoc. Prof.
    * Jaime Kennedy, Assoc. Prof.
    * David Middleton, Assoc. Prof.
    * Chris Ransom, Assoc. Prof.
    * Valora Renicker, Assoc. Prof.
    * Gretchen Rinnert, Asst. Prof.
    * Ken Visocky O'Grady, Assoc. Prof.