Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule an advising appointment?

Click on 'Schedule Advising Appointment' on the right side of this page or in FlashLine.

Where can I find a copy of my Roadmap?

View roadmaps on the Graduation Planning System (GPS) website or pick them up in your advising office.

When do I Register for classes?
I attemptedto register for a class but receive this message: ERROR (prerequisite required/major restriction/etc).

Contact the department that is in charge of the class. For example, you should contact the Department of Mathematical Sciences regarding a class with a 'Math' subject code. You can find any department's contact information in the Kent State Directory online.

I was told to put myself on the waitlist of a class, how do I do this?

Not all classes have waitlists. If a full class has a waitlist, type the CRN in the window at the bottom of the add/drop page and submit. Select 'waitlist' from the dropdown menu and submit again. The class should appear with your others, but it will be labeled 'Web Waitlisted.' If a class does not have a waitlist, you'll have to select a different class and check daily for openings in your preferred class. You might not get into all of your preferred classes each semester.

How do I change my program (major/concentration, certificate or minor)?

Click 'Schedule Advising Appointment' on the right side of this page to talk with your advisor first, and then review the instructions for completing your change of program request.

How can I take classes at the school back home?

Review the transient coursework information and click 'Schedule Advising Appointment' on the right side of this page to discuss your plans with your advisor.

I am a Transfer student, how can I get some of my questions answered?

Visit the Transfer Center website for information about the transfer process, contact information and next steps.