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Information for the Community

Jared shows us how an odd piece of walnut becomes a beautiful coffee table

We envision this program as more than just a program for a limited number of students and their families.

We hope that around these students we’ll create an awareness of interdependent community, meaning that the students will be surrounded by family members, educators, and community members all offering their support, a support grounded in a deep sense of responsibility to our local history and our local environment.

Community members can help Rural Scholars by:
  • hosting career exploration field trips for our classes.
  • hosting teachers in our business-teacher guest program.
  • collaborating with our Curricular Committee in planning service opportunities for students.
  • sharing your knowledge of community resources and needs with us.
  • guest-lecturing in our student and parent workshops.
  • serving on our Advisory Board.
  • offering financial support as we get the program up and running. Visit our donate page to find out more.

Contact Wendy Pfrenger at, 330-337-4233 to get involved!

To get an idea of what a successful program like this can do, take a look at some of the following programs which have served as models for the Rural Scholars Program Design.