Game Programming

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In just five years the video and computer games market grew from a 7 billion dollar industry to a 9.5 billion dollar industry. Computer gaming is not just a teenager phenomenon but is played by different age groups. Clearly there is a growing demand of the programmers from this industry who can design computer games.

Game Design and Programming Concentration Requirements (13 credits)

  • CS 38101 : Game Programming (3)
  • CS 48101 : Game Engine Concepts (3)
  • CS 47101 : Computer Graphics (3)
  • CS 48102 : Game Design Practicum (4)
    • ELR and WIC

Information Security

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Information Security has become one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century due to the importance of the internet and electronic commerce. The Computer Science Department offers several courses in this critical area.

Information Security Concentration Requirements (9 credits)

  • CS 43401 : Secure Programming (3)
  • CS 47205 : Information Security (3)
  • CS 45203 : Network Security (3) or CS 47221 : Introduction to Cryptography (3)