Funding Applications

In addition to participating in on-campus leadership development activities, the Center for Student Involvement encourages students to seek off-campus opportunities. Examples include local, state, regional and national conferences, drive-in workshops, and internships. There are several funding sources available to individual students and student organizations to help offset some of these costs. Descriptions of each funding source and links to more information are listed below.


The Dennis E. Eckart Endowed Student Leadership fund provides support for students seeking educational opportunities, leadership development programs, internships, community service and co-curricular experiences. This fund enables students to experience opportunities that they may not be able to attend due to financial constraints. This fund was established by Dennis Eckart, former U.S. Congressman for the 11th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He donated unspent campaign funds to ensure undergraduate students could participate in opportunities beyond the traditional classroom environment.

Apply for the Dennis Eckart Student Leadership Fund (PDF)


The purpose of this fund is to provide all registered student organizations (graduate and undergraduate) at Kent State University, Kent campus, with an alternative funding source for organization business. The money in this fund is available for educational programs, marketing/PR of the organization, field trips, etc.
Apply for Student Organization Funding (PDF)


All undergraduate students pay a student activity fee as part of your tuition. A portion of this money goes to the Undergraduate Student Government Allocations Committee to provide funding to student organizations and individuals for programming and conferences.

Please review the Allocations Guidelines carefully for the requirements for funding requests. For information and to apply please visit the USG Website.

Programming Forms


Required for any organization that is soliciting signatures, selling tickets, or fundraising (either through the organization or an outside vendor). Contact the University Events and Conference Services for more information.

Expense reimbursement form

If you received university funding through Student Government, the Dennis Eckart Scholarship Fund or the Student Organization Fund, please attach this Expense Reimbursement Form with your receipts before dropping them off in the Center for Student Involvement.


Outlines the process for contracting with outside artists and agents. Performer Agreement (PDF)


Necessary for obtaining exemptions to event policies on alcohol, sound, and guests. Waiver Request Form (PDF)


To be filled out and filed with the Office of the University Counsel for any events or activities that hold an element of risk at least fourteen days before the day of the event.  Use for on or off-campus activities.  Upon receipt, University Counsel will be in contact with further instructions. View the University Hold Harmless Form.

Student Handbook

Student Organization Handbook (PDF)

Student Organization Marketing Checklist

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound? 

The same thought applies to your events.  If you are hosting an event and no one knows about it, will anyone show up?  There are many marketing resources available to student organizations at no charge, so be sure to take advantage of them.  It is important to plan ahead to ensure your message gets maximum reach and to ensure the resource is available.  You can find a guide to many of the resources you can use to promote your event on the Student Organization Marketing Checklist page.