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* JMC 60199/6029 Thesis I, II are options but not recommended for online students

** Some courses are being taught as Special Topics but will eventually have a specific course number. Until that time, they are JMC 60195 and then a section number.


"The Online Master’s in Journalism program from Kent State provides me with opportunities that would not normally be available for me in my area and on my schedule. As I teach daily it provides me with invaluable resources to share with my students. While I learn, my students also learn. In addition the program provides an opportunity for me to take courses from a university on my time. The professors understand our busy schedules and are available to answer questions whenever they may occur.”

Chris Waugaman
Prince George High School
Prince George, Virginia

“My master's degree in journalism from Kent State is allowing me to find out more about new laws and writing techniques that let me enhance learning for my students.”

Angela Spano
GlenOak High School
Canton, Ohio

For details about the Master of Arts program, contact:

Candace Perkins Bowen

Director, Center for Scholastic Journalism