Available Equipment

Equipment Available for use from CTL: 

Items are available to faculty and staff of Kent State University

Items are available for 48 hours unless special arrangements are made prior to check out. 

Request Equipment Here

  • CANON CAMCORDER(s) (tripods available)

Two Canon R700 Camcorders with tripods available for use of video recording and photography. Comes with memory card and instructions to download to your computer. Various accessories are provided to improve recording quality including, wireless lapel mic or mic with wire, battery charger, cable converters. Available by request Hoya light filter and a Genaray compact on-camera light.

  • Canon Powershot 

Canon Powershot A2200 HD Digital Camera.


An 11.6" laptop that runs the Chrome Operating System. Easily access your Kent State University Google Apps for Education such as Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.


  • Clickers (40 Available)

Sets of clickers are available for classroom and event use. Clickers provide quick and easy responses from students to get an understanding of their knowledge on a specific topic.


Wacom Drawing Tablet can be used for interactive learning and to visually explain concepts in the classroom.

  • ELMO Visual Presenter

ELMO Samsung UF–80 DX digital presenter allows you to display documents and objects for an audience to view. 

  • Ipad and Apple Pencil (2 Available)

Two available iPad and Apple Pencil for improving teaching skills and using advanced technology in the classroom.

  • Microphone

A Blue Snowball microphone and a corded microphone are available to perform clear recordings that can be displayed on Mac or PC. 


Panasonic 300x Digital 18x provided with a memory card, a battery charger, cable converters and instructions for downloading to Mac or PC.


One small Aaxa Technologies projector with an HDMI cable, tripod and AV cords. 

One portable Epson projector available to connect to any media. 

  • VR3 RECORDER (3 available)

Portable Olympus VR3 audio recording device with Mac and PC connecting cords and instructions available. 


Ziggi USB Document Camera projects live images and documents via Mac or Windows PC.