Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the following questions and answers are helpful to you. Should you have a question that is not addressed on this page please feel free to contact us and we'll be sure to respond!

Q. Can I use my Dining Plan at off-campus locations?

A. Though there are a number of off-campus locations that will accept FLASHcash, The KSU Dining Plan is only able to be used on-campus at the University Dining Services locations. For more information on FLASHcash please call the FLASHcard Office at 330-672-2273.

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Q. What is the difference between FLASHcash and Dining Dollars?

A. Dining Dollars are the funds that are loaded onto your FLASHcard when you purchase your Dining Plan. FLASHcash is a separate account attached to your FLASHcard that acts like a debit card. You are personally able to add monies at anytime to either the Dining Plan or FLASHcash and all funds on the FLASHcash are fully refundable. FLASHcash is accepted on-campus at all of the Dining Services locations along with many other on and off-campus locations. Dining Dollars are exclusively for the Dining Services locations on campus.

Q. If I do not use my whole balance for the Fall Semester, does it roll over to the Spring Semester?

A. All Dining Plans roll over from Fall to Spring Semester with the PURCHASE of another Dining Plan for the Spring Semester.

Q. Can I switch my Dining Plan for the Spring Semester without losing it?

A. You have the availability to switch your current Dining Plan to any of the 3 remaining Dining Plans, meaning if you have a Lite Plan and would like to switch your Dining Plan for Spring Semester you can switch to a Basic, Premier or Premier Plus within the first two weeks of the semester.. However you CAN NOT switch to a Commuter or Upperclass Dining Plan.

Q. If I do not use all the money on my Dining Plan by the end of the Spring Semester what happens to the rest of the balance?

A. If you are currently on the Lite or Basic Plan at the end of the Spring Semester any left over funds will revert back to the University, not Dining Services. So please keep track of your balance through the semester. If you have a Premier or Premier Plus plan all of the left over funds roll over but ONLY with the purchase of a Premier or Premier Plus Dining Plan for the upcoming Fall Semester. If you have any further questions regarding roll overs please contact the FLASHcard Office online or at 330-672-2273.

Q. If money runs out on my Dining Plan can I add money to the account? How?

A. You are able to add value to your account at any time. You can add money to your FLASHcard through the FLASHcard website with a Mastercard,Visa or Discover. Make sure the FLASHcard you are wanting to add money to is registered. You can also add monies to your account directly at the FLASHcard Office located on the first floor of the Kent Student Center or through 330-672-2273.

Q. How does my FLASHcard work with PNC Bank?

A. A PNC Bank account can be linked with your FLASHcard. For more information on this please stop by the PNC Bank location located on the first floor of the Kent Student Center or call the FLASHcard Office at 330-672-2273.

Q. Why can't I use my Dining Plan on the first floor of the Student Center between 11 a.m.-2  p.m. Monday-Friday?

A. Only about 6,000 of KSU's nearly 28,000 students are Residence Hall students, meaning the rest are commuter students. To give the commuter students a more exclusive place to eat and take care of the largest population on campus the HUB and Kent Market 1 are restricted during these hours. FLASHcash and Credit Card are still allowable forms of payment but there is a 2nd Floor Market located for our Dining Plan students along with various other locations located throughout the campus for students using the Dining Plan.

Q. With a FLASHcard, Dining Plan, Bankcard and ID how many cards will I have to carry around?

A. One! They are all attached to your KSU FLASHcard. It's that easy!

Q. Can I switch my Dining Plan from Semester to Semester?

A. You can switch your Dining Plan between semesters, though you are only allowed to switch between the remaining plans available to only Residence Hall students. For example, if you have a Basic Plan and you wanted to switch for Spring Semester you have the choice of Lite, Premier or Premier Plus to switch to. You are not allowed to switch to a Commuter or Upperclass Dining Plan. Remember when signing your Residence Hall contract you are signing for the Dining Plan contract for a full Academic year paid for by semester. If you live in a Residence Hall you can switch your plan by going to the Residence Services website

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