Welcome to the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion!

We share with you our motivation, our passion, and our drive to reach new heights in diversity and inclusive excellence at Kent State University. Diversity and inclusion is about every person in the KSU family and beyond. We believe in engagement and collaboration with constituents across the campuses and within our greater community. Our goal is to maximize individual and collective contributions, thereby creating an environment that welcomes diversity of thought, continuous personal growth, academic attainment and above average achievement. As we define inclusive excellence, we realize that it is one distinctive quality that characterizes great institutions.

By definition, a University exists to further the pursuit of knowledge. Inclusive excellence is a reminder that a university's students, faculty and staff enrich the process of learning as each is allowed to contribute to the process of learning as respected and valued partners.

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Public Health Professionals in the Making: Upward Bound Introduces Local High School Students to Public Health

This summer, the annual  College of Public Health Upward Bound program introduced public health issues and problem solving to a new group of high school students.


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