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The Master of Digital Sciences (MDS) degree is a professional master’s program for graduates from a wide range of backgrounds that is designed to augment the student's skill set and open the door to new career opportunities.

A Bachelor's degree in Digital Sciences is not required for admission, and students may enter in the fall or spring semester.  For additional admission information, see Graduate Admission and Graduate Admission for International Students (if applicable).

Program Overview

The Master of Digital Sciences (MDS) degree is designed to augment a student's skill set, opening the door to new career opportunities for students from diverse undergraduate backgrounds. Introductory courses expose students to graduate topics outside their undergraduate field, and six concentrations allow them to study one area in more depth. Electives provide an opportunity for customization, and the degree culminates with either an individual capstone project or a formal thesis.

Due to the School's interdisciplinary nature, students have a unique opportunity to gain a graduate-level introduction to several areas aligned with digital sciences. A computer science course covers basic Python and C++ programming, while an applied engineering course covers network management and design. An education course gives an overview of instructional design, and a business course examines globalization and technology strategy. Digital Sciences courses provide an overview of the newly emerging areas of enterprise architecture and data science.

Six concentrations provide an opportunity for deeper study in one of these areas. Students may continue to study in their undergraduate field or may choose to study in a complementary area. For working professionals, using this concentration to acquire a new skill set or update existing skills may open new career opportunities.

Program Options

The Master of Digital Sciences (MDS) degree is designed to augment a student's skill set, with six concentrations to permit deeper study in one area.

For students interested in Enterprise Architecture, a 18-credit Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Enterprise Architecture is also available.  This new certificate program is intended for students who do not have the time or funds to invest in a 32-credit Master's program, or who already have a Master's degree, or whose work environment values completion of a certificate program.