Digital Systems Software Development

The Digital Systems Software Development concentration focuses on the web site and software applications needed by an organization and the design and maintenance of a user interface and software system to meet those needs.

The Digital Systems Software Development concentration helps prepare students for careers such as:

  • Web Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Software Developer

Digital Systems Software Development
Concentration Requirements

  • DSCI 10310 My Story on the Web
  • DSCI 23410 Cognition in Technology
  • DSCI 33310 Human-Computer Interaction
  • CS 33007 Introduction to Database System Design
  • CS 13001 Computer Science I-Programming and Problem Solving
  • CS 23001 Computer Science II-Data Structures and Abstraction
  • CS 23022 Discrete Structures for Computer Science
  • CS 33901 Software Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Digital Sciences
Major Program Requirements

  • DSCI 10010 Society, Culture and the Digital Sciences
  • DSCI 10410 Information Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • DSCI 13210 Design Processes and Principles
  • DSCI 15310 Computational Thinking and Programming
  • DSCI 34410 Digital Information Management and Processing
  • DSCI 41510 Project Management and Team Dynamics
  • DSCI 41610 Digital Systems Security
  • DSCI 40910 Capstone in Digital Sciences
  • MIS 24053 Introduction to Computer Applications
  • MIS 24065 Web Programming
  • TECH 46411 Requirements Engineering and Analysis
Choose 9 credits of approved electives in Digital Sciences or a related area, including:

Communication Studies, Computer Technology, Computer Science, Instructional Technology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Management and Information Systems, Technology and Visual Communication Design