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portage county college access networkPortage County College Access Network

The Portage County College Access Network is a partnership between Kent State University, the Community Action Council of Portage County, Kent City Schools, the Ravenna City School District, and the Portage County Educational Service Center (ESC).

Activities include informing students and parents about the higher education application process, scholarships, and financial aid. Seniors who graduate from high school and transition to a post-secondary institution are eligible for a book scholarship.

Participating students who meet the criteria for the Post-secondary Enrollment Option (PSEOP) program can be admitted to Kent State University and receive supportive assistance.

Students must apply to the PSEOP program.

Portage County College Access Network Website


hpacWhat is HPAC?

Health Professions Affinity Community (HPAC) is a proposed pipeline program that is centered on an asset based community-building model aiming to create programs that utilize already existing community assets and bundling them in a manner that further supports student success.

HPAC is...

An affinity community designed to be offered in any schools/or the community for 8th-12th graders who have an interest in extending their connection to health professions and learning more about the pathway and collective experiences that can help them end up in a health related vocation or professional school.

Designed to expose students to the world of work, prepare them with additional academic and social assets needed to maneuver from education to the world of work and provide them with non-academic tools in the realm of social engagement, self-management and motivation.

Essentially the "connector" and "keeper" of multiple existing programs that can be brought together and focused in one area. The key principle of the program is that students increase their academic scholarship, understand the value of research, further engage in the community, and become well prepared young adults who are able to match the careers they aspire to enter 

Health Professions Affinity Community Website



cleveland clinicCleveland Clinic Partnership

Students who are participating in the internship program with the Cleveland Clinic Office of Civic Education Initiative have the opportunity to also receive college credit or college and high school credit through Kent State University's Dual Credit or Post-secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEOP).

Participating students who meet the criteria for Dual Credit or PSEOP can be admitted to Kent State University prior to beginning their internship.

Students must apply to the Dual Credit or PSEOP program.

Cleveland Clinic Internship Page