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Curriculum Committee Agenda 11-16-12


College of Education, Health and Human Services
Curriculum Committee Meeting
November 16, 2012



Welcome and Introductions

Review and Approval of Minutes
October 2012 Minutes

Information/Discussion Items

TLC – WRKSHP – CI 50093 Energizing Parent Teacher Engagement Practices for 21st Century Learning Environments:  Part 1 & 2

Undergraduate Proposals

EH-Revise rquirements for Admission to Advanced Study; revises requirements for admission to advanced study which is required of teacher education majors and minors prior to enrolling in upper division education courses; effective Fall 2013.

FLA-EDST; program revision; revises degree, establishes coursework and revises/esetablishes courses for EDSTprogram; effective Fall 2013.

FLA-EDST 40095; establish course, Special Topics in Educational Studies; 1 to 3 credit hours; lecture course; no prerequisites; effective Fall 2013.

FLA-EDST 40096; establish course, Individual Investigation in Educational Studies Programs; 1 to 3 credit hours; individual investigation; prerequisite: special approval; effective Fall 2013.

FLA-EDST 44003; establish course, Seminar in Educational Studies; 3 credit hours; seminar; prerequisite: senior standing; effective Fall 2013.

FLA-EDST 44004; establish course, Research and Writings in Educational Studies; Writing Intensive Course; 3 credit hours; lecture; prerequisite: senior standing; effective Fall 2013.

LDES-CHDS 41892; revise course; changes credit hours, course number, prerequisites, subject, title, title abbreviation and other.  Practicum course moves from CHDS 41892 to EDST 44092.

LDES-EPSY 49525, Section 500; proposal to designate course section as an experiential learning course; effective Fall 2013.

FLA-SPAD Program Revision; adds two courses, reduces electives, and revises admission requirements; effective Fall 2013.

FLA-SPAD 35065; revise course; changes prerequisites. Effective Fall 2013.

TLC-PEP Athletic Coaching Minor; program revision; revision removes ATTR 35025 from Athletic Coaching Minor and replaces it with a requirement for students to be certified in First Aid and CPR by an external agency. Effective Fall 2013.

Graduate Proposals

 FLA:  BS-SPAD / MA – SRM Program Revision, (Aaron Mulrooney) Effective Fall 2013
Proposal: a) revises the list of required electives at the graduate level and b) adds two courses, reduces electives, and revises admission requirements at the undergraduate level.

FLA – SRM 56040 – Course Inactivation (Aaron Mulrooney)  Effective Fall 2013