The EDAD program is committed to helping future school leaders be the catalyst to improve student learning with the demands of changing demographics. Our school leaders drive systematic and systemic change to increase student achievement for all students, alter educational policy debates, build strong public and private partnerships, and restore public confidence in public schools in the communities they serve.

Vision: Our students live what they learn!

Mission: To prepare reflective, scholarly practitioners and practicing scholars who lead authentic, democratic learning communities in culturally responsive ways toward equitable systematic and systemic reform and innovation.

Principal License and Master's (M.Ed.)/Ed.S. Degree Regional Cohorts

2015-2016 Regional Cohorts For Master's (M.Ed.)/Ed.S. with Principal Licensure

  • Earn your Master's (M.Ed.) or Ed.S. with principal licensure in just two years!
  • If interested, partial scholarships (i.e., $2,800) available to cohort members.
  • If interested, $100 will be awarded to cohort members to implement their research-based solutions.
  • Leadership awards will be presented to cohort members who receive scholarship funds.
  • Graduate with 14 authentic artifacts that demonstrate how you lead for future job interviews.
  • Travel to school districts in your region to better understand what it means to lead in diverse contexts.
  • Co-create and facilitate a regional conference with your cohort members for teachers and school leaders in your region for free continuing education units.
Up to 25 candidates will be accepted per cohort.

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