Educational Studies

The Educational Studies program is a non-licensure option which is designed for individuals who wish to function as educators in human services and resource settings such as business and industry, religious, community, or interest and advocacy groups.

The Bachelor of Science degree is granted upon completion of the program. Programs are developed to reflect a consideration for the nature of the setting in which educators will work (e.g., youth center, social agency, museum, park, business), the particular skills and competencies required in such an educational career (e.g., program planning, technology utilization, interpersonal and multicultural facilitation) and the nature of the particular educational function which characterizes the option (e.g., program design, instruction, service delivery).

Students are required to meet all University requirements, including 2.50 cumulative GPA, for graduation. The students choose an elective concentration that is supportive of their particular career emphasis and goal, selected from offerings in the College of Education,Health and Human Services and other professional schools. Effort is made to make maximal yet appropriate use of previous academic credits that students might bring to the program.