About the Faculty Refresh Program

The University provides for tenure-track and full time non-tenure track faculty members to receive a new computer on a three year cycle. The computers are provided to ensure that faculty members have up-to-date systems. The refresh program is not a means to provide multiple computers to a faculty member. EHHS has decided that the old computers are to be used to provide trickle-down upgrades for others in the college.

The Faculty Refresh Process

If you are eligible for a faculty refresh computer you will be contacted by the EHHS IT Administrator, Matthew Starcher, when the requests are to be submitted each year. You must review and fill out the EHHS Faculty Refresh Form. You may fill out and return the completed signed form to Matt Starcher (, or fill out the online Google Form.  Links to both forms are listed below.  

Your refresh order will not be processed until a completed form has been received.

Please fill out the EHHS Faculty Refresh Google Form

View the current faculty refresh computer models

The Faculty Refresh Cycles

The current cycle is Cycle 1 and it is for the year 2015.

Cycle 1

Currently being distributed.

Last distributed in: 2012
Next distributed in: 2015

Click here for a link to see if you are on the current faculty refresh cycle.

Cycle 2

Last distributed in: 2013
Next distributed in: 2016

Cycle 3

Last distributed in: 2014
Next distributed in: 2017