Important - Recipient Code R1367

Various programs require Praxis testing either before or after coursework completion. To enroll in the MAT program one must have a current Praxis Core math score sent to Kent State University at the recipient code below.

After any advanced program or second license program there will be an associated subject matter or professional knowledge Praxis Core test (ECED licensure and 4/5 Grade additional endorsement).

Students must code their Praxis scores to be sent to recipient code R1367
(Kent State University)

  • To take a test, a user first sets up an account
  • Setting up an account must be done on campus or at an Ohio public library or school
  • Thereafter, the account is accessible anywhere
  • Resources in 221 White Hall for Praxis Core
  • Reducing Test Anxiety (PDF)
  • Praxis/ETS website
  • Licensure Requirement (not required for graduation): Candidates seeking Ohio licensure are required to pass specific assessments in order to apply for licensure. See Ohio Department of Education-Educator Preparation website for more information on assessments specific to licensure type. Taking and passing the licensure tests prior to graduation is encouraged but not required.
  • Testing to Teach a Foreign language - The ACTFL/LTI examinations - a system of assessing and ensuring the spoken and written language proficiency of candidates for licensure to teach world languages. Visit the ACTFL/LTI Website for more information about world language tests.