Learning Resources

Language Arts & Literature Collection (From Annenberg Media)
This valuable online resource of over 160 video workshops from Annenberg Media provides a rich resource for classroom based language arts and literacy teachers. Videos are also organized within separate sections for Kindergarten - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, and College level teachers, with many video programs also applying across multiple grade levels and proficiencies.

Teaching & Learning Collection (From the Carnegie Foundation's "Inside Teaching" Website)
This site provides access to a collection of over fifty online multimedia resources focused on enhancing various aspects of teaching and learning from a variety of practitioner's perspectives. These teacher produced resources can be viewed by grade, subject area, or even by contributing instructor.

Making Teaching Public Website
Spearheaded by Columbia's Teacher's College, this site provides a small collection of multimedia presentations on teaching and learning designed to inspire further attempts to make teaching public online.

Teaching Content is Teaching Reading
10 minute clip presented by Dr. Daniel Willingham of the University of Virginia suggesting that children's prior content knowledge is a critical component of successful reading comprehension.

Read Aloud Time
Linda Guillespie reading "Love You Forever" to a mixed-age group of students.

Assignment: Media Literacy
Five minute video focused on engaging and improving High School students literacy skills through the use of various types of media.

Reader's Theater:

  • Snow White & the Lazy Dwarves: 10 minute reader's theater based on the story of Snow White as presented by a group of 11th graders to an elementary class.
  • Grandma Verbrugge & the Great Apple Slice Escape: 9 minute reader's theater based on a great script by Lois Walker.
  • Reader's Theatre Digest: (In Progress: Need video and brief description added)

Children's Literature Corner
This site provides links to children's literacy resources sorted by categories.

Curio Cabinet Spot - Literacy Awards On Display
Information and resources for different literacy awards.