Master's Degree and Ph.D.

There are several degree options available to Middle Childhood Education graduate students.

Masters Degree in Middle School/Junior High School

This is a non-licensure program. Students may earn either an M.A. or an ME.D. with 32 credits.

  • Universal Professional Requirements (6 sem. hours)
  • Fundamentals of Curriculum (3 sem. hours)
  • Middle Childhood Core
    • FCS 64027/ C&I 77095: Early Adolescence (3 sem. hours)
    • C&I 6/77107: Cur & Org in MG (3 sem. hours)
    • C&I 6/77108: Tch & Lrng in MG (3 sem. hours)
  • Electives chosen with advisor (14 sem. hours)
  • Thesis with M. A. Program

Masters Degree in Middle Childhood Education
(under development)

Submit transcripts to Office of Academic Services for transcript evaluation. Evaluation forms are available online by clicking on the OAS link at the bottom of this page. After completion of the online form, you will then be contacted and provided with an unofficial prospectus.

  1. With initial licensure in MCED
  2. With additional licensure in MCED (for teachers who are currently certified)

Additional Licensure in Middle Childhood Education

(For teachers who are currently certified)

Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction with a Specialization in Middle Childhood Education

Within the doctoral program in Curriculum and Instruction, four courses are available for those interested in pursuing a stronger knowledge base related to the middle grades:

  • C&I 77095: Special Topics (Early Adolescence) Summer
  • C&I 77101: Curriculum and Organization in the Middle Grades Summer
  • C&I 77108: Teaching and Learning in the Middle Grades Fall
  • C&I 77095: Special Topics (Middle Childhood Teacher Education) Summer