Completed Dissertations and Job Placement | Kent State University

Completed Dissertations and Job Placement


Lea Povozheav Director: Sara Newman Addiction Rhetoric: Conceptual Metaphors in Conversational Illness Narrative.

Philip Sloan, Oakton Community College Director: Sara Newman Assembling the Identity of "Writer". Uma Krishnan, Kent State University Director: Brian Huot A Cross-Cultural Study of the Literacy Practices of the Dabbawalas: Towards a New Understanding of Nonmainstream Literacy and its Impact on Successful Business Practices.  


Babara Karman, Kent State University Director: Sara Newman 19th Women and Humor: The Emergence of Feminist Humor. Lindsay Steiner, University of Wisconsin LaCrosse Director: Pamela Takayoshi The Available Means of Design: A Rhetorical Investigation of Professional Multimodal Composing. 

Yvonne Teems Stephens, Hofstra University Director: Pamela Takayoshi The Discursive Construction of Identity and the Body by Members of a Senior Center Yoga Class.  


Courtney Werner, Hope College Director: Pamela Takayoshi Disciplining New Media: Rhetoric and Composition's Disciplinary Development through the Case of New Media 2000-2010. Nicole Caswell, Eastern Carolina University Director: Brian Huot Reconstructing Emotion: Understanding the Relationship between Teachers' Emotions and Teachers' Response Practices. Holly Wells, East Stroudsburg University Director: Sara Newman Picture a Scientist: A Visual Rhetoric Approach to the Problem of Gender Disparity in Stem Fields. Jennifer Cunningham, Kent State University, Stark Director: Brian Huot "jus showin sum luv 2 yo page!": The Features, Functions, and Implications of Digital African American Language. Diana Awad Scrocco, Youngstown State University Director: Sara Newman An Examination of the Literate Practices of Resident Physicians and Attending Physician Preceptors in a Residential-Run Internal Medicine Clinic. Jill Hawkins Director: Pamela Takayoshi Sounds Write: Embracing Multimodal Texts as Literate Composition. Melissa Selby, Stark State University Director: Ray Craig Expanding the Definition of Multimodality: Identifying Key Processes in Students' Designing.


Sigrid Streit, Pennsylvania State University Director: Sara Newman Gesture and Rhetorical Delivery: The Transmission of Knowledge in Complex Situations.   John Oddo, Carnegie Mellon University Director: Christina Haas Traversing the 24-Hour News Cycle: A Busy Day in the Rhetorical Life of a Political Speech. Patrick Thomas, University of Dayton Director: Pamela Takayoshi A Discourse-Based Analysis of Literacy Sponsorship in New Media: The Case of Military Blogs. Elizabeth Tomlinson, West Virginia University Director: Sara Newman Conceptualizing Audience in Digital Invention. Jillian Hill, University of Houston Director: Ray Craig Collaborative writing activities at Midwest Utility. Yuri Maziev Director: Ray Craig A Vygotskian Critique of Current Writing Theory


Emily Wierszewski, Seton Hill University Director: Ray Craig A Readerly Eye: Teachers Reading Student Multimodal Texts. Dirk Remley, Kent State University Director: Brian Huot This Community's Literacy has been Sponsored by....: An Historical Case Study of the Literate Impact of the Boomtown Arsenal on the Community of Fieldview, Ohio from 1940-1960.


Lewis Caccia, Jr. Director: Sara Newman Risk Communication in the Workplace: An Analysis of Communications Toolkits as Rhetoric Practice. Christa Teston, The Ohio State University Director: Christina Haas Deliberative Decision-Making in One Medical Workplace Setting. Chad Wickman, Auburn University Director: Christina Haas Displays of Knowledge: Text Production and Medial Reproduction in Scientific Practice.


Jeffrey Perry, Indiana University Southeast Director: Brian Huot Institutional Cunning: Writing Assessment as Social Reproduction.


David Overby, Bellarmine University Director: Christina Haas Verifying Web-Based Information: Investigating Professional Communicator's Online.


Kenneth Marunowski Director: Christina Haas The Euro: An Ethnography of Inscription and Incorporation. Kathryn Weiss, Salem Community College Director: John Ackerman Reconceiving Material Rhetoric: Literacy Beyond Language at Kent State's May 4 Memorial.


Hunter Stephenson, University of Houston Clear Lake Director: Stephen P. Witte Kairos, Production, and Writing.


Kerrie Farkas, Millersville University Director: Christina Haas Deliberative Rhetoric in the Civic Arena: A Taxonomy of Discourse in a Local City Government.