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Collaborative Research

Pamela Takayoshi

“Analytic Strategies for the Study of Digital Writing.” Co-authored with Christina Haas and Brandon Carr. Pragmatics and Possibilities: Reflections on Contemporary Writing Research. Eds. Lee Nickoson-Massey and Mary Sheridan-Rabideau. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press. Carr is a KSU English major.

“Feminist Research Theories, Subjectivity in Empirical Research, and the Creation of Research Problems.” With Elizabeth Tomlinson and Jennifer Castillo. Socially Progressive Research Methodologies for the Study of Writing and Literacy. (Edited with Katrina Powell). Cresskill, N. J.: Hampton Press. Tomlinson and Castillo are graduate students in the LRSP program.

“Building and Maintaining Contexts in Interactive Networked Writing: An Examination of Deixis and Intertextuality in Instant Messaging.” Co-authored with Christina Haas and Brandon Carr. Journal of Business and Technical Communication 25 (2011): 276-29. Co-authored with Brandon Carr, an KSU undergraduate English major.

“Young People’s Everyday Literacies: The Language of Instant Messaging.” Co-authored with Christina Haas; with Brandon Carr, Kimberley Hudson, and Ross Pollock. Research in the Teaching of English 45 (2011): 378 – 404. Co-authored with Brandon Carr & Kimberley Hudson, KSU undergraduate English majors, and Ross Pollock, a KSU undergraduate.

“Composing in a Digital World: The Transition of a Writing Program and Its Faculty.” With Brian Huot. Writing Program Administration 32.3 (2009):89 – 119.