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ResearchThe Department of Geology offers a comprehensive course of study leading to the M.S. in Geology or Ph.D. in Applied Geology. Our degree programs allow for great flexibility and a personalized course of study.

In the graduate programs, emphasis is placed on research designed not only to advance the understanding of the geological sciences, but also to solve societal problems. Research projects mentored by our faculty thus span a range of basic and applied research and have been externally funded by a variety of sources including: NASA, NSF, Ohio SeaGrant, Ohio Department of Transportation, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Faculty and students are currently working on research with field sites from projects on each continent and in several ocean basins.

Current research in the Department of Geology

2010-11 Per Faculty Contributions CAS

Geology Faculty publications and presentations are the highest in the College. A compilation of the two year departmental publications of the College of Arts & Sciences show the Department of Geology with the highest total number of publications (combined papers & abstracts) and highest per capita contribution (see graph above).

Our Research AREAs

Additional opportunities for Graduate level research

Required training for National Science Foundation-supported undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows in the responsible conduct of research