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CLAS 21405 The Roman Achievement

Course Name:  CLAS 21405 The Roman Achievement

Description: Romans accomplished outstanding achievements in fields such as political and social organizations, art and architecture, infrastructures, military innovations, urban living and commerce. This course is an introduction to the history and culture of the Roman world, from the origins of Rome through its ascent to domination of the Mediterranean world, the troubled changes from Republic to Empire, and the flourishing of the city and its provinces during the Imperial period until its crisis and consequent fall during the 4th-5th centuries AD. Political and military organizations, religious beliefs towards life and death, social identity, entertainment, private life, familial relationships, sexuality and the changes of these assets and values throughout time are examined in this course by means of the most recent archaeological and historical approaches and debates. As we search together to unravel the historical, cultural and social significance of the Roman achievement, primary sources in translation will be used to provide a fresh look of how some political events were perceived, how Roman urban life and its agents were captured by the satirical descriptions of Juvenal and Martial,  and how such a catastrophic event such as the eruption of the Vesuvius affected writers such as Pliny and Seneca. The examination of the Roman towns of Florence and Fiesole will help us to better understand life in small but lively urban settlements through the joint analysis of structures and artifacts. All classes will be supplemented by powerpoint presentations, and in many occasions by videos and documentary movies.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None

Kent Core

Open to all students.