Classroom Visit Program

The Classroom Visit Program (CVP) aims to pair international students at Kent State University, undergraduate and graduate, with K-12 schools, school districts, and community organizations.

The Classroom Visit Program has multiple participants and goals, outlined below, which will benefit each stakeholder in unique and various ways.

Classroom Students:
  • Learn firsthand about other countries and cultures
  • Interact with international students and scholars and increase intercultural communication
  • Learn multiple perspectives
  • Understand similarities and differences between diverse cultures
  • Become more aware of their own culture
International Speakers: 
  • Offer firsthand information about their countries and cultures not found in textbooks or U.S. media
  • Compare and discuss aspects of U.S. culture with that of their own
  • Improve their communication, teaching and public speaking skills
  • Motivate students to learn more about specific countries and about global issues
  • Instill confidence and pride in children from non-dominant U.S. cultures
  • Participate in cultural activities that allow them to integrate KSU classroom learning with American culture and establish a sense of belonging within their host community.
Teachers/Organization Leaders:
  •  Complement their curriculum with international perspectives
  • Internationalize their classroom environment
  • Meet international students from around the world
  • Help students and self gain a better understanding of multiple perspectives and celebrate diversity
  • Grow in their own understanding of different countries and cultures

Who are the Participants?


Classroom Visit Speakers:

CVP speakers are international students at Kent State University who have come to live and study in Northeast Ohio.  There are currently more than 1,800 international students at KSU and they represent and come from approximately 100 different countries.  The students are both undergraduate and graduate students and study a wide range of subject matter at KSU.

Teachers/Organization Leaders:

Teachers/Leaders who are motivated to create an intercultural classroom environment fill out applications to participate in the Classroom Visit Program for one academic year. They become partners with the Classroom Visit Program, integrating international speakers into their curriculum. CVP speakers serve K-12 classrooms and various community organizations in Portage and surrounding communities.  Social Studies, World Geography, Foreign Languages, Literature, History, and Science classrooms all benefit from the world of perspectives offered by Classroom Visit Speakers. Speakers may also be requested by KSU faculty and/or community organizations.

How to Participate



Fill out the  and return to the Office of Global Education through mail, e-mail, or fax.

Teachers/Organization Leaders:

Those who are interested in hosting a CVP speaker can fill out the Classroom Visit Program Form and return it to the Office of Global Education through mail, e-mail, or fax.

After submission of the form you will be contacted by the Office of Global Education.