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Below you'll find information on everything from developing a study abroad course to helping international students adjust to life in Kent.
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Working with International Students

  • Everything starts with successfully recruiting international students who are a good fit for Kent State's academic offerings, and this is best done as a collaborative effort between the International Admissions Office and the academic units.
  • Demonstration of English Language Proficiency is required of all international students. Various tests and methods can be used, and understanding these options can help you better select students who are likely to succeed in your program.
  • We know Academic Advisors often get questions from students who want to change majors, drop classes, etc. For international students, these decisions can affect their immigration status, so much more is at stake. Here's an F-1 Quick Guide to help them abide by the rules of their visas.
  • Sponsored Students are international students fully funded by the U.S. government or a foreign government. Sponsored students normally have restrictions regarding program and major, online coursework, and permission to work. They may need your assistance to complete required reports to their sponsoring bodies. See Sponsored Students for details.
  • On-Campus Employers wanting to hire an international student must follow certain procedures. Review these documents, and if you have questions please e-mail isss@kent.edu.  
  • QuestionWhy is an international application not in my workflow yet?

Answer: The international admissions process is a little different from domestic graduate admissions. When international applications indicate “Applied and Complete” they require an additional evaluation before they are sent to workflow. The date on the checklist under item description is the date that the evaluation (IDRV) was started. These evaluations can take 10-14 business days, but might take longer depending on the time of year.

Education Abroad Resources

  • University Policy regarding study abroad and other international travel.
  • Students considering study abroad often turn to faculty and advisors first. Your support of this life-changing experience could be the catalyst they need to make it happen. Please review these FAQs so you can speak to the value and first steps of study abroad.
  • Are you thinking about developing a study abroad course, or do you just need some forms, a refresher on procedures, or a little advice? Here you'll find resources related to faculty-led study abroad courses from creation to implementation.
  • For the safety of your students, it is essential that you create an Emergency Action Plan before departing on a faculty-led study abroad course and that you follow standard emergency procedures while abroad.

International Partnerships & Scholars