Global Ambassador Program

The Global Ambassador Program was created to provide assistance to international students as they adjust to life away from home at Kent State University. Your primary function is to be a support system to international students during their first semester. Your responsibilities will begin in the end of the spring semester and conclude at the end of the fall semester. Upon successful completion of the program, each Global Ambassadors will receive a $150 book scholarship to the Bookstore at Kent State University. Contact Angela Schwarzer at for more information.

Application  Program  Guidelines

Global Ambassador Goals in Brief:

  • To assist international students as they adjust to life at Kent State University.
  • To help international students locate campus resources.
  • To provide international students with a cultural liaison to help them navigate American culture.

Please read about the Global Ambassadors who are helping to adjust international students:

Rachel SchererRachel Scherer
Howdy folks! My name is Rachel Scherer and I am beyond excited to be serving Kent State as a Global Ambassador. I am here at Kent pursuing the M.Ed in Higher Education Administration & Student Personnel program. I am blessed to have a Graduate Assistantship with the KSU Transfer Center which affords me the awesome opportunity to meet many different people who utilize our services. My interests in Higher Education are quite diverse, but I plan to advise, teach, and guide college students into having the most amazing, transformative experience that is and ought to be possible to all whom desire it. I am a very active person so I tend to run from one activity to the next--whether on or off campus. A few fun facts about me is that I am a proud godmother, love war movies, and hail from a small town called Wampum which I adore. See you around!

Andrea Orszag
I am Andrea Orszag. I am a sophomore studying International Relations. I love photography, singing, traveling, and making new friends. I am 50% Hungarian, and I speak it fluently. Also, I am currently learning French and Italian. 


Shakhnoza Yakubova
I am a doctoral student. My major is Higher Education Administration. I love exploring cultures. One  fun fact about me is the letter K is silent in my name .



Dionna Stokes
My name is Dionna Stokes. I'm a senior and I will be graduating in May or August 2016 (I'm still trying to decide if I want to study abroad in the summer of 2016). My major is International Relations and a minor in Nonprofit Management. I'm from Akron, OH. I am very adventurous and I love trying new foods and traveling to new places. Also, I am a twin, I love animals and modeling.


Dondreya Allen
I am a sophomore Communication major and Public Relations minor. I love meeting and talking to new people and learning about their different cultures and backgrounds. I also enjoy reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. I hope to study In Florence, Italy during my junior year and eventually travel the world after I graduate! 

Ruth Lietzow
I am a senior Fashion Merchandising student with a minor in Marketing. I am from Hamburg, Germany and have Ghanaian ethnicity.
I enjoy to blog about Christian faith, fashion, and art. In my free-time I read and always look for new music, travels and cultures.


Michael George
My name is Michael George and I am a Junior studying environmental and conservation biology. As my major implies, I am a tree huger! I love gardening and I spend most of my time outdoors. I enjoy playing the guitar and harmonica and I love to play music with others. I am very excited to be a Global Ambassador! I have many international friends from China, Korea, Kuwait, UK, and Saudi Arabia. I love learning about other cultures and am I very am grateful to be able to meet so many wonderful friends. I am always looking to make a new friend so let’s talk!

Jamie Brian
My name is Jamie Brian and I am a sophomore public relations major at Kent State.  I speak French, and I’m learning Mandarin Chinese.  Outside of school, I am an instrument-rated pilot and volunteer with Civil Air Patrol.  One day I hope to fly internationally for an airline.  I also enjoy playing guitar, hiking, writing poetry, and exploring the world.  I look forward to working with everyone in the Global Ambassador program and helping new students feel at home on campus.


Ankita Ghosh
My name is Ankita Ghosh. I have been living in Kent since Fall'14 and pursuing my Masters degree in Hospitality Management. I am from Kolkata, India and can speak two more languages Hindi and Bengali i.e apart from English. Travelling is my passion. I look forward to welcome you at Kent State University.



Troy Lee
My name is Troy Lee and I am a sophomore majoring in Multimedia Journalism. I am from Altus, Oklahoma and enjoy purchasing and reading about sneakers. At Kent State, I have a radio show on Black Squirrel Radio on the subject. I also like watching films, especially ones that are written by Charlie Kaufmann.


Cedric Ossey
I'm Cedric, 20 years old, I was born in Senegal. Growing up I had the opportunity to live in Senegal, Mauritania, Haiti, Zambia, and Kenya. My parents now reside in Madagascar. I speak French, that's my first language. I learnt English in the fifth grade. I'm a flight technology major, I love planes and hope to become an airline pilot after I graduate from Kent State. This is my 2 year here. I love watching soccer; I'm a huge Chelsea FC fan!

Cecilia Salem
Hi, my name is Ceci Salem and I will be a Junior (2nd year student) in the Honors College this Fall. My majors are History and Political Science, with concentrations in American Politics and International Relations. I also serve on the Executive Board of the Political Science Club as treasurer. I love to run, and I do marathons; I also love to read and write.





Shui (Leon) Yu
My name is Shui (Leon) Yu.  I am from China and I currently study Finance and Marketing in Kent State.  I speak Chinese, English and Japanese. I had picked international students up from airport for five years. I work at Office of Global Education and I like to help international students. I always take international student for trip as a student leader.  Additionally, I like to learn different languages and travel to different places I get certification for Chinese government shows I can teach international student Chinese and I went to Haiti to do the mission trip.  I also join in international student organizations like Global Fellows and Kent State international Mentors. I hope everyone enjoy your best time in KSU. 

Bhaskar Thadisetty
I am Bhaskar Thadisetty from India. I have joined Kent State University in Spring 2015, pursuing Masters in Computer Science.  Earlier I have worked as a software developer at Convergys Corporation. Software Coding and playing Cricket are my passions. In my free time I watch sports, movies or hangout with friends. Over the years I have learnt cooking and I can spin up a dish fused with Indian varieties. I love travelling to meet new people and to know about different cultures and customs. I hope you all have a great experience at Kent State University and make your school days memorable!!

Jacqueline Torto
My name is Jacqueline but I usually go by Jackie. I am a sophomore Psychology major with a concentration in Pre-Med. I love to travel and read, in addition to spending time with my friends. And my fun fact is that I speak 6 languages, however I am only fluent in 3 of them.




Yasmin Zoe Ali-Reed

Hi! My name is Yasmin Zoe Ali-Reed and I am a Junior studying Fashion Design and Textiles. When I am not working in the Center for Student Involvement as the Digital Marketing Assistant or completing homework I like to watch movies, kayak, try new foods, and learn new, random things.  When I'm really lucky, with a nice amount of time to spare, I love going back home to Detroit,MI to visit family and friends. Upon graduating I plan to attend the Peace Corps and I hope to one day work within the Fashion/Textile Industry in an area that promotes fair trading, good ethical practices, and/or sustainability.