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Online International Student Orientation

All new international students must complete the Online International Student Orientation (OISO).

What is it?

OISO is an educational module created to help international students learn about immigration regulations and policies in a fun, interactive way. It is an online class that all new international students must complete on Blackboard Learn which is accessed through your FlashLine account. New students will be automatically enrolled in this Blackboard class.


There is a Final Test that students must complete after they finish OISO. The Final Test becomes available on Blackboard only after students complete OISO. Students must score at least an 80% on the Final Test. If students do not score an 80%, they can retake the Final Test as many times as they need until they obtain the required score.

If a student fails to complete the module by the required deadline (see below), a hold will be placed on the student's account that will prevent that student from registering for classes in the following semester.

Online Orientation Schedule - Fall Semester, 2017

New incoming international student enrolled for the Fall Semester, 2017, will be able to access the Online Orierntation Module beginning Friday, September 15. The deadline to complete the module is October 2.

To access the Module, log-on to your Flashline account and click on the Blackboard tab.

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