Marketing your International Experience during the Job Search

Education Abroad has created a handbook called Marketing Your International Experience to aid you in utilizing your international experiences during the job hunt.  Studying abroad can make you stand out to a potential employer, but you must be able to speak competently about your experience beyond saying ‘it was life changing.’

Re-entry events

Education Abroad hosts events each semester specifically for returned study abroad students.  First, we have a re-entry social in which returned students can hang out and chat about their study abroad experiences.  Second, we offer a series of re-entry workshops that focus on certain topics such as how to utilize your experience in a job interview.   Returned students will receive email notification of these events.

Additionally, Education Abroad hosts study abroad promotional events throughout the year, such as the Education Abroad Expo, that we would love to have help from the returned students.  Helping at these events is a great way to share your experiences.

Stay connected on Campus

You can also stay connected to your experience by getting involved with different student groups on campus.

Education Abroad Ambassadors – The Office of Global Education runs the Education Abroad Ambassadors program.  The Ambassador Program is meant to connect study abroad alumni with each other and with peers interested in studying abroad.  Contact Amber Cruxton ( for more information and/or to apply.